Erick Erickson’s Despicable And Denigrating Tweet Signals Republican Elites’ Plan To Deliver The 2016 Election To Wall Street

ELDER PATRIOT – Erick Erisckson is the kind of despicable elitist that dismisses out-of-work Americans for having failed despite the role that the political system that he stridently supports played in tilting the scales against them.

Mr. Erickson aligns himself with the Republican Party.  That is only out of the necessity borne of maintaining the Left-Right paradigm.  Dependence on union support negates him finding a home in the Democratic Party.

The Republican Party’s rank and file has been revolting in outrage against their current leadership and yet he sets about insulting the largest identified group among its base.  Disparaging voters is not the path to electoral victory against Hillary Clinton.  Mr. Erickson knows this.  This is exactly how Mr. Erickson wants it.

Yesterday’s tweet by Mr. Erickson stands as exhibit “A”.


Mr. Erickson’s calculus: the unwashed masses either come around to his way of thinking or they can stay home and get Mrs. Clinton for their next president.  Either way – a Republican establishment candidate or Mrs. Clinton – Mr. Erickson continues feeding at the trough of the elites who fund his existence.

Mr. Erickson speaks for the “Globalist Wing” of the party that was begun under George H.W. Bush and that counts as its adherents Mitt Romney, John McCain, George W. Bush and Ted Cruz.  These proponents of the globalist movement have left us $21 trillion in debt. 

Like Mr. Erickson, for the globalist men and women of this wing of the Republican Party winning elections isn’t of paramount importance, protecting the gravy train that comes with delivering America to the world’s financial community, in the interest of funding international corporate growth, is.  In this process, Americans be damned.

While they’d like to win the White House, their insistence on running candidates like McCain and Romney stands as proof that they are prepared to accept defeat rather than alienate their corporate and banking donors that would be the result of keeping their campaign promises to represent and protect the interests of hardworking Americans, and those who would like to return to being hardworking Americans.

If the Republican elites’ are unsuccessful at wresting the nomination from Donald Trump, Erick Erickson, his Wall Street masters, and his bloated opinion of himself will be the big losers.