ESPN: Pacifying The Masses For The New World Order

ELDER PATRIOT – It doesn’t take a massive dose of awareness to understand how MTV has been used to undermine the cultural values of our youth.  However, most people are less cognizant of the role ESPN has played in molding the political and cultural views of sports fans.

ESPN is about as liberally biased as a sports station can be considering they are reporting on the most conservative industry one can think of, sports.  There is no social justice in sports.  If you run faster and hit harder and throw better you play.  Nobody cares about the color of your skin or your nation of origin.  An athlete’s position on a team is solely dependent on their ability to help the team win.

Paul Goldschmidt, Mike Trout, Bryce Harper, Zack Geinke and Dallas Keuchel are the top five baseball players on ESPN’s player ratings.  All are white yet there is no hand-wringing over the fact that Black and Hispanic players are sitting behind them on their respective teams, and not getting their chance.  This is fundamental truth in sports as it should be everywhere else in society.

However, this is where it ends.  Working within this restrictive framework ESPN is still able to get their liberal messaging across in so many different ways.

It is hard to forget their outright sycophancy in promoting Obama as larger than life on their Monday Night Football telecasts by depicting him as a football player during their lead-in?  Similar in message to pictures of Vladimir Putin riding bare-chested on a horse, wouldn’t you say?  Thankfully, they stopped short of having little children sing “Barack Obama is the man” and “He’s our man, yes we can,” as kindergarteners were made to do across the country.  Messaging, after all, works best when tailored to the intended audience.  This is the stuff of dictatorships.

This weekend, ESPN’s New York radio affiliate host Bill Daughtry hosted a political science professor on his show New York Sports and beyond.  He topic was the growingly uncivilized society that we live in.  He cited a number of mass shootings as evidence of his premise.

Daughtry and his guest conveniently avoided discussing the growing population as a reason for the increase never citing per capita crime rates choosing instead to rely on anecdotal evidence.

Even if the rates were increasing how could anyone not question the Left’s never-ending drive at social engineering as the possible cause of societal discontent.  The fact that we are forced to live among people we would otherwise choose not to be associated with, we are forced to accept cultures that we find unacceptable, our money is forcibly redistributed to groups we find abhorrent, and our society is as peaceful as it is makes a remarkable statement about the tolerance of mainstream Americans.

Finally, there is ESPN’s awarding of their Arthur Ashe Award for Courage presented to Caitlyn Jenner.  Someone will have to explain to me how Bruce Jenner’s immensely selfish decision to become a woman is more deserving than the contributions being made by our servicemen and women during this time of multiple wars.

Obviously Mr. Jenner had significant “urges” driving him to violate his relationships with children and other family.  How are his actions any different from a husband on a trip with “urges” and with a wife and family waiting at home?

Bruce left his first wife, Chrystie, while she was pregnant with their second child for his second wife, Linda.  These are not the actions of a courageous man.  They are the actions of a selfish individual unable to curb his urges.

A man or woman choosing to change sexes does not qualify as courageous.  It qualifies as desperate.

For the Secular-Left there isn’t much left to continue undermining what’s left of the culture that drove the United States to greatness but, wherever and whenever possible ESPN will be there to help frame their message.