Establishment Favorite Ted Cruz Now Free To Lie With Impunity

ELDER PATRIOT – Ted Cruz has been cleared to say anything that he thinks will help him derail Donald Trump’s march to the 1237 delegates required to finally silence the establishment elites who dominate the Republican Party.  It’s now clear that whatever he says will defended and amplified by the mainstream media.


Yesterday he was a guest on the John and Ken Show in Southern California where the Texas senator let lose with this whopper:


“Here’s the simple fact, in the last three weeks there have been a total of eleven elections all across the country.  We’ve beaten Donald Trump in all eleven.”


The mainstream media had been given their sound bite and then they developed their narrative to support it on the evening news and discussion programs.


The facts tell a different story, however.  You have to go back more than three weeks to cover even the last ten contests that were decided by the voters.  In that time Cruz won only three contests while Trump won five and John Kasich won one.




So how far back would you have to go to find Cruz’s eleven victories?  How about to the beginning?  Including Iowa Cruz has won eleven states. That’s a span of ten weeks during which Trump managed to win 21 states and amass a sizeable delegate lead over Cruz.


So what was Cruz talking about if they weren’t elections?  He was talking about the Colorado  “selection” process and the party apparatchiks in ten districts who he met with behind closed doors and who awarded him their delegates in a manner more akin to the way in which communists promote their members to positions of leadership than that of free republic.