Establishment Win!!! Ted Cruz Meeting To Join Elites on Monday

ELDER PATRIOT – It always comes down to money.  Like virtually every politician before him Ted Cruz is selling himself to the donor class.


Cruz has already accepted $12 million from the financial sector but this Monday he’ll be bending over and grabbing his ankles as he searches for the money necessary to continue undermining the Trump Presidential Express.  The Texas senator has rented out the Harvard Club in Manhattan where he’ll prostitute himself to the desires of New York’s corporatist community in return for the financial lifeline he needs to sustain his failing presidential hopes.


Cruz has made every attempt to hide his corporatist-globalist alignment but his vote on TPA was telling.  He cast the deciding vote to bypass the Constitutionally required two-thirds super majority to pass a treaty lowering it to only requiring a simple majority.  So much for the “Constitutional Conservative” that he would like us to believe that he is.


But Cruz’s ties to the globalist community run much deeper than that single vote.  Cruz’s wife Heidi was promoted to Managing Director at Goldman Sachs only nine days after he won election to the U.S. Senate.  In that position, Mrs. Cruz was one of the architects of the North American Union that seeks to turn Canada, the U.S. and Mexico into a single entity similar to the European Union.  This would essentially put an end to American sovereignty.


Heidi is also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations this is where Mr. Cruz’s decision to give President Obama autonomy over negotiating trade deals comes in.  When Obama presents the treaty he negotiated to the senate for passage, Senator Cruz would be able to vote against it because he previously guaranteed its passage by having lowered the necessary threshold from 67 votes to 51.


Many of us are growing wary of Cruz’s blatant display of avarice in chasing the nomination but not too many are considering that what Cruz is really chasing is making his wife the first First Lady of the North American Union.


Cruz has grown desperate.  He had only $8 million dollars on hand at the beginning of April according to his most recent filing with the Federal Elections Committee.  This is a paltry sum for a candidate trying to chase down a popular frontrunner who has already had $500 million spent against him in a failed attempt to take him down.


So Monday he’ll make his case to the Wall Street sharks who will only open their checkbooks if they are convinced Cruz has put aside his flirtation with representing the people and is now someone they can depend on to continue their fleecing of America.




This should be an easy transition for Cruz who had no signature legislation that helped the American people during his five years in the Senate.  And, on the campaign trail he hasn’t brought forth an original solution to any of the problems facing the average Joe focusing instead on alternatively trashing Donald Trump and wrapping himself in the bible.


Monday Cruz will make his deal with the devil and the establishment will once again have their man.