Every Weekend His Neighbor Is On the Roof Alone. Then He Realizes He Just Has to Share What He Sees…

VIA| Replacing a roof is not an easy feat. Especially for a 75-year-old. But Richard Dubiel likes to have things done “a certain way.”

So when his roof started caving in three months ago, he took on the task himself. At his age, though, roof work is hard on the body. After David Perez saw Dubiel up there day after day, he knew the man could use a break.

“It had been an ongoing thing seeing him up there after work or on the weekends… Seeing his age, I just felt that he shouldn’t be doing this by himself,” Perez told ABC News.

Perez doesn’t have any roofing experience, but he wanted to do something to help the hardworking man. So he posted an appeal on Facebook.

I’m trying to reach anyone that has roofing experience. So please share this. I have a neighbor, the man on the roof in…

Posted by David Perez on Monday, August 24, 2015

Along with a photo of Dubiel on the roof, he writes:

“I’m trying to reach anyone that has roofing experience. So please share this. I have a neighbor, the man on the roof in this picture, name unknown. He is about 80 years old and climbs onto the roof trying to finish putting the shingles on by himself. I feel sorry for him but I have no roofing skills. I would like to see if anyone can donate their time to help him finish. It appears that he has all the materials so looking for free labor to show up this Saturday, August 29th at 9:00am at 4834 Murphy Court Fremont, CA which is my house. If I get some responses I will verify the owner will be home that day. Keep checking this post for updates.”

The post was shared over a thousand times, and when Saturday rolled around forty volunteers heeded the call.


Image Credit: Facebook

Both Perez and Dubiel were astonished at the turn out.

“I thought it was going to be a full-days work, but with the amount of people and experiences, I’d say it took just four hours,” said Perez.

Dubiel, who is used to doing things on his own, was incredibly grateful that these individuals took time out of their Saturday to help a stranger.

“It restores your faith in humanity,” he said. “I’m just astounded. I couldn’t believe it when this fella knocked on my door and said he wanted to help for free. What a gesture.”