Evidence Of Hillary's Treason Now Too Pervasive To Ignore

ELDER PATRIOT – As the details surrounding Hillary Clinton’s violation of the Espionage Act continue to unfold, it is becoming painfully obvious that a sentiment that we’ve expressed here is correct, the degree of corruption and cronyism that exists between members of both major political parties in Washington demands that they be removed from office by the voters as soon as possible.

On August 13th we reported that the personal email server that Mrs. Clinton used to conduct official State Department business had been professionally scrubbed clean prior to it being handed over to investigators in response to a subpoena served months earlier.  This alone is a gross violation of the law under which the Obama Justice Department prosecuted General David Petraeus for far less egregious conduct.  At the time the revelations about Mrs. Clinton came to light we suggested that there was much more to this story because she had obviously chosen to deal with the consequences of violating the Espionage Act than to deal with the political and legal fallout that would result from the information the server contained becoming known.

The mainstream media mentioned Mrs. Clinton’s email server in passing over the past two weeks but almost always couching it as an annoyance that was preventing her from addressing the issues of the day while conducting her campaign for the presidency.  It’s now clear the mainstream media – the Rockefeller Mediacracy – abrogated its responsibilities by ignoring to investigate the potential depth of Mrs. Clinton’s illegal behaviors and who else might have been complicit in her violation of the nation’s defense.

Thankfully, there are still certain members of the government with investigative powers that have taken up the case.  What they’ve found is ugly and why the mainstream media and other Washington politicians of both parties are silent is reminiscent of the “thin blue line” that police throw up to protect a rogue cop.

We now know Mrs. Clinton was exchanging emails about troop movements in the area of our embassy in Benghazi on her unsecure personal server at the time that Ambassador Christopher Stevens was murdered and his body mutilated as were the American personnel assigned to protect him.  This is something we had speculated might be the case when we filed our report on August 13th.

When questioned under oath by a Senate subcommittee investigating the events surrounding the Benghazi massacre, Hillary said she had no knowledge of what was happening at the time because she had gone to bed.  Only Ted Cruz engaged Mrs. Clinton in serious questioning eliciting this now infamous response, “What difference does it make now?”

Was Mrs. Clinton deliberately passing that information along unsecure lines in order to communicate it to those who attacked our embassy that night?  Why was she prepared to throw small-time filmmaker Nakoula Basseley Nakoula under the bus, otherwise? 

As deplorable as Mrs. Clinton’s actions were on that night, the number of elected officials who were complicit by their silence is astonishing.

It has become known that at least a few officials of foreign governments refused to correspond with Mrs. Clinton because they knew her lines of communication with them were not secure.  If they knew it then others who exchanged emails with Mrs. Clinton knew it, including President Obama, Vice President Biden, Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter, members of the Senate Select Intelligence Committee including Chairman Richard Burr, Vice-Chair Diane Feinstein and the 13 other committee members including Marco Rubio, along with the 22 members of the U.S. House of Representatives Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. 

At the very least those are 40 high-ranking members of our government that had to have known they were receiving classified information over unsecured lines and did nothing or were outright complicit in something much worse.  Making the situation even worse is that there are as many Republicans and Democrats involved in this conspiracy putting a lie to the oversight we expect one party to exercise over the other. 

With the turning of a blind eye to each successive scandal it becomes clear that the political parties are working as one.  The desperation with which the Republican National Committee and the Rockefeller Mediacracy are attacking Donald Trump indicates their fear is that his candidacy threatens to upset their applecart.  Trump’s rise in the polls is heartening because it showing an awakening of the American electorate but it will mean next to nothing if he isn’t given a new Senate and House to help him. 

As we’ve been saying here for a while, throw the bums out!  All of them.