Explorer Left Absolutely STUNNED At What He Found INSIDE Of This Glacier

VIA – Nicolas Brousse is an avid photographer and adventurer, according to MailOnline, and when he and a friend repelled down into the Breidamerkurjokull glacier, they were astonished at the discovery of a real-life frozen paradise the likes of what would be seen in Disney’s widely-popular hit, Frozen.


The incredible photos captured by the 27-year-old Frenchman revealed intricate, smooth patterns across the walls and the ceilings and layers of black volcanic ash throughout the floor and embedded into the ice. The stunning photographs were taken by Brousse as he explored Iceland’s vast countryside over the course of six months, capturing its amazing beauty on film.

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“The light, the clouds and the atmosphere are always changing and in six months I never saw the same landscape twice,” Brousse said. “Inside the cave, the atmosphere is magical.”

Magical indeed, the fascinating ice cavern is within an outlet glacier of Vatnajökull, or the Vatna Glacier, one of the largest ice caps in all of Europe. The vast network of caves and tunnels have been created over time by flows of water and volcanic discharge, and give explorers an incredible first-hand look at the marvels of nature.

Brousse said that he tries to focus on the magnificence of nature when he snaps photos, which he seems to have perfectly accomplished with this set.

“My goal is to show beauty as I perceive it and as it touches my feelings,” he said.