Exposed: Democrats Embrace Soviet Style Marxism

ELDER PATRIOT – The Democratic Party is looking more and more like the old Soviet Politburo with each passing electoral cycle.  Primary process?  We don’t need no primary process!

Starting with Terry McAuliffe who used his authority as Chairman of the DNC from 2001 to 2005 to purge the party of any dissenters – remember Zell Miller and Joe Lieberman – to today’s DNC whose nine elected leaders have decided the party’s presidential candidate would be a woman even if this meant rigging the process.  That the Democratic Party has arrived here is indicative of the lack of respect and importance the party puts in their rank and file when it comes to the selection of candidates.

Today, under the direction of Debbie Wasserman Schultz the party’s leadership has become the good ol’ girls club with five of the nine elected leaders and a majority of the vice chairs all women.  Joining Debbie Wasserman Schultz in dismissing their voters’ input in the previously democratic primary process are women like Donna Brazile, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake (famously known for “giving the rioters space to destroy,) Leah Daughtry, Maria Eleana Durazo, and Amy Dacey all of who are intent on putting a woman in the White House in 2017 come hell or high water.  Even if their best choice is ethically challenged, mired in a pool of corruption, and perhaps facing indictment.  The country be damned there’s a statement to be made!

The debate this past Tuesday made leadership’s goal clear.  It resembled a coronation in every way from Mrs. Clinton’s positioning front and center, to the shortened format to accommodate her inability to focus for long periods, to the absence of any Black or Hispanic challengers to siphon key voter groups from her.  Her crisp and rehearsed answers to the questions thrown her way also suggest she had them ahead of time though I have no proof of that.  She had four lily-white males (you know the people liberal Democrats despise) forgiving her illegal activities and otherwise sounding like robots in the small amount of time that CNN allowed them. 

Contrast that to the Republicans whose top six polling candidates are comprised of two Hispanics, a Black, a woman, and two white males.  Of the top four candidates only one is a white male and three have never held elected office.  This is what freedom looks like when the party’s rank and file possesses critical thinking skills and actually uses them.