VIA| If you needed any more proof that Barack Obama doesn’t know the first thing about buying guns, this ought to put all of that to rest. Check out the latest pile of horse manure Dear Leader is spreading around in order to get his gun control agenda through before he leaves office –

I have only one thing to say about that –

Wait – I actually have more (and I’ll use small words so you’ll be sure to understand) –

Mr. President, have you even TRIED buying a gun online?

(I’ll give you a moment to stop laughing at the idea of President Mom Jeans ever buying a gun before I continue.)

Online gun sales are no different than in-person gun sales. You have to go trough the EXACT SAME background checks as if you were buying a gun in the store. The online gun store that didn’t run a background check on a customer would get slapped with the same fines and penalties as a brick-and-mortar gun store. Even buying firearms from things like eBay or a classified ad website, third-party websites ALWAYS have rules in place to keep gun vendors from breaking the law (again – they have to, or they’ll get shut down faster than Obama can whip his executive action pen out of his pocket). A vendor can’t ship a gun directly to the buyer – it has to be delivered to a Federal Firearm License dealer and they do the background check before the buyer can take it home. Anyone versed in basic gun laws could have told the president THAT. He doesn’t need a boardroom full of advisers to look that up in some obscure and forgotten volume of legal mumbo-jumbo. A ten-year-old could have Googled that.

I can’t believe I actually have to EXPLAIN this to the President of the United States, but clearly we are a nation of idiots who elected an idiot to the White House. The worst part is that because this is POTUS peddling this nonsense, there will be plenty of ill-informed lo-fo Kardashian fangirls who’ll buy into this bullcrap, even if scores of people on Twitter are rushing forward to fact-check this stupid claim.

Anything to push Obama’s anti-Constitution agenda, right?