ELDER PATRIOT – Don’t believe the Progressive movement is determined to put an end to U.S. sovereignty?  Better think again!

Judicial Watch is calling on the Federal Elections Commission to investigate the Democratic National Committee after it learned that the DNC “knowingly hired a Foreign National to assist, directly or indirectly, in setting the Committee’s Public Policy Agenda for its Candidates, the National Committee, and its Associated Organizations.”   This is in direct conflict with the law.  The United States prohibits non-citizen participation in election related activities.  The FEC has stated, “foreign nationals cannot direct, control, or otherwise participate directly or indirectly in the decision making process of a PAC.”  Don’t bet on the DNC suffering any significant blowback on this.

While the Democratic National Committee has taken the lead in internationalizing our electoral processes, such behavior is not limited to the DNC.  If it were we’d have a clear choice of which party best represents the interests of the majority of the citizens of the United States. 

For its part, the Republican National Committee continues to tell us we must be sensitive to the needs of the burgeoning and largely illegal Hispanic community, and that we must compromise our personal interests in order to win national elections.  With Hispanics only comprising somewhere over 15% of the vote the question must be asked, why should they be driving the electoral bus?

There are over ninety-four million Americans over the age of 16 who do not have a job.  It is inarguable that the massive wave of Hispanic immigrants has been a major contributor in driving that number to this record level.  Both political parties are telling U.S. citizens that they must choose the welfare of Hispanic immigrants – legal and illegal – over the welfare of their own families even though 65% of the citizenry are native born whites.  Where is the rationale in such a position?

Our Constitutional protections are being stripped from us in the name of protecting us from terrorism while our southern border remains wide open.  How does that make sense?

U.S. veterans are being targeted and monitored as potential terrorists while those violating existing immigration law, including politicians, are granted amnesty for their illegal acts and allowed to continue on their way. 

We are told that all cultures, no matter how aberrant, are equal and must be respected as such.  We viscerally know that is patently false but our courts are forcing us to abide by that.  Why?

The only explanation that makes sense is that both parties are working to diminish the importance of our nation’s sovereignty in the minds of voters.

The actions of both parties have led to a denigration of our distinctly U.S. culture and a bankrupting of our economy.  No longer do a majority of Americans believe their success is dependent upon their own efforts.  They have come to accept and rely on government assistance to sustain themselves.  Our voting patterns show that we have willingly abandoned the old saw that charity begins at home in favor of placing the interests of foreign interlopers ahead of the protection of our own children.

Americans will learn that protecting the sovereignty of their country is of paramount importance if a return to prosperity is to be in their future.  Whether they have already learned that lesson or they will come to that realization after it is too late is the larger question.