EXPSOED: The Balkanization Of America

ELDER PATRIOT – A headline in one of the nation’s mainstream newspapers asks the question: “Are Democrats and Republicans talking about the same country?” 

The fact that we have become such a fractured society is a result of a corrupted two-party system that long ago embraced Balkanizing the United States to achieve the goals of international banking interests.  That newspaper, as well as the entire Rockefeller Mediacracy, played a major role in shaping the political debate by fostering an illusion of a Left-Right paradigm that only existed in the minds of voters.

A look back at the past fifteen years, almost evenly split between the leadership of Republicans and Democrats, illustrates that reality. 

On major issues neither the Democrats nor the Republicans stood in defense of the people’s Constitutional protections passing both the Patriot Act and the National Defense Authorization Act with overwhelmingly bi-partisan majorities. 

Neither party stood in defense of fiscal sanity doubling the debt during both the Bush administration and again during the Obama administration despite Congressional control in the hands of the opposition party for much of that time. 

Neither party can explain why we’re sending our bravest and most committed youngsters into harm’s way in the Middle East and what the long-range goal is for our involvement there.

Neither party has addressed controlling our borders despite at times controlling both the presidency and the congress at once.

And, on the single most important issue facing the electorate, discussions of our sick economy is virtually non-existent.

Instead, the Democrats’ candidates are campaigning on:

Shrinking the gap between rich and poor – something they’ve had seven years to fix but that Dodd-Frank only made worse. 

Combating climate change even though scientists know there is no correlation between levels of carbon dioxide and global temperatures.

Expanding voting rights – to criminals and foreigners who have no vested interest in our country.  Giving non-taxpayers the right to vote was never considered by our Founders precisely because they lacked any interest in balancing spending with perceived benefits.

Gay rights and more gay rights until they get to re-write both the Constitution and the Bible that unpins it.

Workplace equality for women that no longer is a significant issue. 

These issues have all been carefully focus group tested for their relative importance to Democrat voters suggesting that in total enough single-issue voters will unite to propel the party to electoral victory in 2016 without a mandate to address any of the nation’s vital concerns. 

This makes one wonder just how out of touch Democratic voters are with the truly important issues currently facing our country.  That these voters continue to look to the party’s established governing politicians – Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, and now Jerry Brown indicates they haven’t yet figured out that they’ve been chumps for a ruling elite that has no interest in addressing their real problems lest they free those supporters from the bonds that bind them…to the party.

The establishment Republican Party, on the other hand, has lost control of the voters they are responsible with delivering during the coming presidential election.  Some polls show as much as eight-five percent of the party’s followers have dismissed all consideration of supporting the party’s established governing candidates.  These voters are disgusted with being lied to by a party that long ago threw in with the Democrats to form a Progressive one-party government.  It’s doubtful that even if there were 100 debates, these voters would be swayed by the sweet-talk rhetoric of the party’s perfectly manicured candidates with their genteel manner towards those who have joined them in defrauding the American people.

Americans are divided by a smokescreen of inconsequential issues whose importance has been orchestrated by corrupt and deceitful career politicians firmly entrenched in the leadership of both parties and whose only interests are their advancement of an international agenda, and their personal enrichment and self-preservation.  American greatness and America’s sovereignty be damned.