False Flag America Guns and Drugs – Why Drugs Will Win

ELDER PATRIOT – By now you’ve read the headline:  “White Man Shoots up Black Church.”  Whether he acted alone as reported by the mainstream media, or he was drugged and used as part of a conspiracy plot is immaterial.  The words used in the headline tell a huge story.  The headline can only be meant to divide us.  The media long ago refrained from labeling suspects as black under the pretext that it would be too incendiary.  Obviously, they adhere to no similar restrictions when the situation is reversed.


That this occurred without outrage from either side of the political aisle highlights that both sides of the political spectrum use important events to advance their agendas, but not to solve problems.  The Left’s obsession with disarming American citizens and the Right’s positions on, both, legal and illegal drugs are prime examples.


The Left’s attack on private gun ownership in this country runs counter to the lessons of history, the U.S. Constitution, and current statistical data.


Individual gun ownership made our war of independence possible and has served as our most powerful force for homeland security throughout our history.  During the last major war, WWII, Japanese Commander-in-Chief of the Combined Pacific Fleet Isoroku Yamamoto warned his Emperor, You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass.”


The Founding Fathers recognized the strength that a wall-armed and moral people would possess and included it in the Bill of Rights, making it the second most important protection behind only the right of free speech.


Accurate statistics are hard to come by due to so many agenda driven websites that are only too happy to provide them in a format that supports their position.  I visited the U.S. Center for Disease Control website to find these statistics for 2013.


  • There were approximately 11,000 homicides committed using firearms.
  • There were approximately 38,000 accidental deaths due to motor vehicles.


You are 3.5 times more likely to be killed by a car than by a gun.  Cars offer little value for self-defense, defending your family, or protecting our liberties from foreign or domestic attack.


Just as illogical is the Right’s position on drugs.  You have to tie your logic in knots to understand it.  The difference between legal and illegal drugs seems to be determined by who owns the distribution rights.


Big Pharmaceutical companies can sell us anything as long as their TV ads require no more than 45 seconds of every 60 second commercial to warn us of all of the mind/mood altering and organ killing risks of their product.  Heck, they can even have it paid for you by the government if you can’t afford it.


Dylann Roof, the young monster who killed 9 people at the historic black chuch in Charleston, SC was using a prescription Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor drug (ssri) at the time.  These drugs are well known to have serious side effects including inducing violence.  This last side effect must not be dismissed.  Still, they are readily prescribed by doctors.


Noted investigative journalist Alex Jones correctly noted; virtually every major mass shooter was taking some form of SSRI or other pharmaceutical drug at the time of their attack, including Columbine killer Eric Harris, ‘Batman’ shooter James Holmes and Sandy Hook gunman Adam Lanza.”


In 2013 the CDC reported over 46,000 deaths from drug overdoes making you over 4 times as likely to die from drugs than from a gun.


So, why are these drugs legal?  The multiple benefits for the Left come in the form of increased societal dependence (in this case drugs) as well as helping them convolute the argument against guns.  For their part the Elitist Right don’t really care about gun rights.  Just as they don’t really care about abortion rights, both issues merely help them secure votes at election time.


Their interests lie with protecting the big pharmaceutical companies that donate over $12 Million dollars to political campaigns and a mind-blowing $2.7 billion dollars lobbying annually.


If you’re wondering why the mainstream media isn’t all over such easy access to such dangerous drugs, you’ll find the answer in the $2.4 billion dollars that Big Pharma annually spends advertising SSRI drugs that include Zoloft, Prozac and Paxil on television.  Biting the hand that feeds you has never been the way that television producers operate.


By comparison, the U.S. firearm market generates a mere $11.7 billion dollars annually.  Eventually, after so many of these drug induced killing sprees have diminished the public’s resolve, and the pushback from the American people wanes in defense of individual gun ownership, both sides of the Ruling Elite will move to repeal the Second Amendment in whole or in part.