FBI: For Blackmailing Individuals

ELDER PATRIOT – Just as dollars and cents govern how the rest of us consummate transactions, blackmail and bribery are the currencies of politics.

This should have been evident to everyone when between 400 and 900 missing FBI dossiers on current and retired prominent politicians (and media members?) were proved to have been in Hillary Clinton’s possession.

Take the case of Senator Robert Menendez of New Jersey.

Senator Menendez was indicted this past week by federal prosecutors for using his office to advance the interests of friends and donors in exchange for gifts.  In one instance, Senator Menendez is charged with accepting a few trips from a friend and donor during which he allegedly had sex with young prostitutes.  In another, he allegedly accepted $1 million to help a Brazilian actress get a U.S. visa.

Did he violate ethics law?  Does the mainstream media have an obligation to report this?  Yes, but his real crime was breaking with the Democrats and standing firm with Israel.  Since the Democrats jettisoned Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman from their ranks, the party has demanded lockstep voting from its members.
Menendez was indicted as a warning to other Democrats to toe the party line.

Compare this to the Clinton sex scandals that were either ignored entirely or initially reported and then left to die on their own by the mainstream media.  Or worse, deliberately diffused by the mainstream media;

When Bill Clinton was exposed as a serial sex addict and predator, the White House War Room went into action.  They led attack after attack on the characters of the accusers.  Even when President Clinton was found guilty of lying to a Grand Jury, many members of the mainstream media downplayed it.

Former Clinton attack dog George Stephanopoulos who had left his position as communications director for the Clinton Administration was at ABC News.  Hired ostensibly as an analyst due to his inside knowledge of the Clinton White House, he became the Clintons’ operative inside ABC News.  While being interviewed by Sam Donaldson on his major Sundaymorning show “This Week,” Stephanopoulos sent a resounding warning, veiled as “analysis,” to all who would be involved in deciding Clinton’s fate:  Clinton was prepared to employ a scorched earth policy.  Translation?  Tread carefully because, otherwise, your FBI files may become public.

What should have burned brightly as front-page news until Clinton either resigned or was found guilty on impeachment charges was turned into a public review of the job he was doing as president against the backdrop that “everyone lies about sex.”  Public opinion was swayed enough to give cover to those politicians who voted in Clinton’s favor rather than risk Clinton’s retribution.

Richard Nixon was run out of office for a lot less.  A young Hillary Clinton who was a Watergate prosecutor learned much from that experience.  Had Nixon had more control over the media and those politicians deciding his fate he could’ve saved his presidency.

For those of you who think this was a one time strategy employed during a desperate time think again.  Realizing that the media can be manipulated on the major presidential corruption story of the century, Clinton and subsequent politicians now consider blackmail and bribery the coin of the political realm.