Female Officer Pumps Gas In Houston & Is Approached From Behind, Then THIS Happens!

VIAWhat a great story! Officer Jones-Kelley was filling up her patrol car in the rain in Houston when she sensed someone was walking up behind her. Fearing the worst, she quickly spun around. It was a teenage boy who was just standing there. And all he wanted was to make sure she was okay and could fill her car safely. He had her “6.” Now, that’s a great kid. After the officer filled her car, the boy turned to go back to the passenger side of the car he was riding in. Jones-Kelley followed him back and met his mom. The officer told her she had a great son and I would wager, he has a great mom. This is who we are.


From Mad World News:

Yesterday, Deputy Darren Goforth was laid to rest after having been brutally murdered while pumping gas into his police cruiser earlier this week. Across the country, law enforcement officials have been on guard as the Black Lives Matter and black supremacy groups have called for the murders of police officers and white people. While the country waits to see what action will be taken against these terroristic groups, our police officers are wondering if they will be the next victim.

Yesterday morning, a Houston police officer, Tommi Jones-Kelley, was pumping gas in her patrol car in the pouring rain when suddenly someone walked up directly behind her. Kelley turned around and noticed that a teenage boy named McKinley Zoellner was standing behind her. The startled Jones-Kelley was taken aback when Zoellner asked her if he could stand watch while she fueled up.

Jones-Kelley’s initial reaction was “why?” To which the teen simply responded, “To make sure you stay safe!”

After Jones-Kelley finished pumping her gas, Zoellner casually walked back to the passenger side of the car he was riding in. Jones-Kelley followed him back to the car and asked the woman who was driving if she was Zoellner’s mother, to which she responded she was. Jones-Kelley told the mother that she had an amazing son for standing watch while she pumped gas into her car. Zoellner’s mother replied that her son just wanted to make sure no one hurt Jones-Kelley and that he had her “6.”

Jones-Kelley quickly made a post on her personal Facebook page to express her gratitude for this young man’s selfless act.

“Yes, I’m the one with the gun on my hip while he stood there empty-handed, but he for sure had my ‘6’ while my back was turned. With all the terror going on nationwide, this reassured me there are still some pretty awesome individuals out there!”

This kind gesture that Zoellner demonstrated to officer Jones-Kelley comes at the perfect time in the wake of so many senseless police tragedies. Zoellner demonstrates all that is right with humanity and how we all can learn from this simple act of kindness and selflessness.

These are the very attributes that have made our country great and seem to have been lost along the way in the name of progressivism. I not only would like to shake the hand of this amazing teenager, but his mother as well, for raising such a commendable person.



Having said that, considering how tense and serious things are out there, I would be very careful about coming up behind an officer like that. That’s very dangerous. In this case, it was a wonderful incident. But most cops out there right now are on edge and no one has their “6.” Simple acts of kindness and selflessness like this go a long way and mean the world to these officers – so, I would keep doing them… just not from behind an armed cop. Just sayin’. That is one young man that I would be proud to call a friend. They definitely grow them right in the Lone Star state.