FIREFIGHTERS Who Had to LEAVE Store for EMERGENCY Never Expected to See THIS Bill…Or Its TWIST

VIA| First responders have to be ready to “respond” at a moment’s notice, no matter what they may be doing when the call comes in. But for some Tacoma, Washington, firefighters earlier this month, that meant ditching the groceries they were waiting in line to pay for.

The firefighters returned to the Safeway store after taking care of the CPR call. When they went to pay for their groceries, this is what they found:

Our crew from Station 66 was buying dinner at Safeway when they were dispatched for a CPR call. When they returned to…

Posted by Central Pierce Fire & Rescue on Sunday, October 25, 2015

The writing on the bag said “Fire Dept” and “Already Paid.” The note stapled to the receipt reads:

“Enjoy your meals. Thanks for All you do! One veteran to another… God Bless.”

No one took credit for paying the firefighters’ grocery bill.

Their crew, Central Pierce Fire & Rescue, has already had a busy year, which included helping fight the wildfires that burned over 100,000 acresin Washington this summer:


Image credit: Screenshot/Facebook

At least one Good Samaritan felt that their hard work deserved a ‘thank you.’