First In A Series: How Donald Trump Threatens The Control Of The Ruling Elite Boom! Trump Promises to Imprison Hillary For Her Crimes

ELDER PATRIOT – Donald Trump has proven once again why many Americans love him and why many more will if he becomes president.  This is also the reason the entire Ruling Class apparatus – Politicians on both sides of the aisle, the Pope, the mainstream media, foreign governments and private entities, and corporate and super rich donors – has aligned against him.

While being interviewed by Sean Hannity in Las Vegas last night in front of a live crowd Trump said this of Mrs. Clinton: “I think she’s running a very important race, the most important race of her life, not just because of the president.”  He went on to suggest that the reason she wants to be president is so that she can personally shut down the investigation into her criminal and treasonous wrongdoing.

The Clintons have amassed a net worth in excess of $112 million without having held a job since leaving the White House at which time Hillary Clinton claimed they were “dead broke.”  There’s a reason moneyed interests have lined up for access to the Clintons and finally someone has said they’ll find out why.

Trump promised that as soon as Mrs. Clinton has secured the Democratic nomination, something that is almost a certainty, he would begin shedding light on her illegal behavior.  This is certain to expose other elements of the Ruling Elite who have directly conspired with her or who have knowingly turned their backs to her corrupt dealings.  Either way the lid is likely to be blown off of their un-American behaviors in a major way.

This open condemnation of the illegal actions of our Political Elite has been absent for too long and it has allowed the D.C. swamp to become filled with corrupt politicians who have joined hands across party lines to sell the assets and secrets of Americans and of America to the highest corporate and foreign bidders for their personal enrichment.

With a wink and a nod they cover for each other lest they themselves be exposed for their transgressions.  Americans are twenty trillion dollars in debt, their Social Security and Medicare protections are insolvent and have been exposed as ponzi schemes, they are being replaced by foreign, often illegal, workers and they are being told to shut up and take it by an overwhelming majority of their elected officials with the help of the mainstream media and, even the Pope.

Trump stands as the lone super hero coming to rescue America during her time of need.  He promises to prosecute politicians who have violated both their oaths of office and their responsibility to the American people for their personal gain while directing Americans to globalist control.

It’s time to clean the swamp and Donald Trump is the only candidate promising to do that.  Trump promised that American people as much last night when he told Sean Hannity’s audience, “If I’m the nominee, this is not gonna be a subject that’s gonna die down very easily.”