Foreign Leaders Confirm That Donald Trump Is The Real Deal

ELDER PATRIOT – On Sunday John Kerry appeared on CBS’ Face The Nation where he said foreign leaders were shocked by Donald Trump’s ascendancy.  “They don’t know where it’s taking the United States of America.  It upsets people’s sense of equilibrium about our steadiness, about our reliability,” Kerry said.   

President Obama later echoed those sentiments. 

Now, Washington lobbyists that represent foreign governments and corporations – what’s wrong with that statement – say their clients are increasingly panicked by the American peoples’ embrace of Donald Trump.

Nathan Daschle is the president and COO of his father’s firm the Daschle Group.  That’s the Tom Daschle who was the former Senate majority leader.  “The questions coming from the international community are not different than the things, categorically, we’re asking ourselves.  There’s an added level of bafflement because this is not the United States that they’ve been living with for so long.  This is not the image the United States has been projecting.”

Other lobbyists who agreed to be interviewed sounded like they were reading from the same talking points.

What does this mean?  Simply, that foreign governments and corporate entities that have been forking over big bucks to gain even bigger commitments of foreign aid and government contracts from America’s oligarchy are now afraid that a Trump presidency may largely curtail their ability to keep dipping into the wallets of Americans.

These foreign carpetbaggers don’t care that we’re now $20 trillion dollars in debt in large part because of their fleecing of America.  The only reason they might be upset over an American bankruptcy is that it would close down the trough they feed at.  They will take everything they can get until that happens.

Their combined angst at the prospect of a Trump presidency only confirms that they believe Donald Trump when he says he puts America first.  The fact they express no similar concerns about any other candidate tells you that they have no such fear Trump’s opponents putting an end to the American gravy train.