Fox News Accuses Cruz, Kasick and Rubio of Fraud

ELDER PATRIOT – Establishment Super PACs and Fox News (but then I repeat myself) are screaming that Donald Trump defrauded those who attended his now-defunct Trump University.  Relying on nothing more than the accusations of court filings they have irresponsibly convicted him before he gets to defend himself in court.

I attended a couple of Trump University courses and have written my thoughts about it here

Whether Trump was guilty of fraud will properly be decided by a jury.

On the other hand, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and John Kasich cannot run from the fact that they are guilty of complicity in defrauding Americans out of so much money that the people are soon to be twenty trillion dollars in debt.  That averages in excess of $60,000 per American citizen and doesn’t account for the wasteful government spending that was paid for by our entirely unfair and immoral tax system. 

Cruz, Rubio and Kasich knew what was happening and stood by silently while corporations and banks gorged themselves at the trough of our federal treasury leaving them with record profits and Americans with record debt.  Where were they when Ron Paul was sounding the alarm?

Let’s not forget the financial rape of the people’s retirement account that they conveniently ignored or participated in.  Reduced to nothing more than a ponzi scheme, Social Security is insolvent and by some estimates as much as two hundred trillion dollars in debt.  This violation of the public trust, especially of the older and more vulnerable in society, is unconscionable and dwarfs in scale any wrongdoing Donald Trump might be found guilty of.

Trump University, where the average attendee spent $4,000, after first sitting through a free seminar explaining what they could expect, was attended by persons of their free will.  No such opt out option is available for Americans that see through the fraudulent tax and spend schemes perpetrated by our politicians.  In fact, they added to the extent of that fraud by doing nothing over the past six years to repeal or defund Obamacare.

Being held harmless for fraudulently indebting the American people under the guise of political decision-making is despicable and immoral and it is high time politicians are held at least as accountable of those in the private sector.

By Fox News standards Cruz, Kasich and Rubio are guilty of fraud.  The fact that FNC didn’t pursue the same line of questioning with those three candidates only serves to prove its role as the media arm of the Republican establishment.