ELDER PATRIOT – | Jason Horowitz writing in the New York Times has exposed Rupert Murdoch’s control over the editorial content of the on-air personalities working for Fox News Channel. 

Mr. Murdoch co-chairs the Partnership for a New American Economy perhaps the most influential open-borders lobbying group in the United States.

In early 2013 he was approached by Senators Marco Rubio and Chuck Schumer to muzzle FNC’s commentators over the immigration debate that was raging due to the amnesty provision in their pending Gang-of-Eight’s immigration reform legislation.

Mr. Murdoch gave the marching orders to Chairman and Chief Executive of the Fox News Division, Roger Ailes.  FNC subsequently tempered their reporting on the pending immigration legislation abandoning their conservative viewers in the process.

The Washington Post later reported that Rubio advisors who had monitored the amount of airtime given to the immigration bill after the agreement with Murdoch had been reached were pleasantly surprised