Fox News: Marginalizing Conservatives For The Rockefeller Mediacracy

ELDER PATRIOT – Fox News has a specific role in the Rockefeller Mediacracy.  It’s to marginalize Conservatives.  After all, if you think Fox News isn’t the definition of right-wing lunacy you’re really off the charts according to its competitors.

Take yesterday’s Fox New Sunday broadcast where George Will told viewers that Trump supporters were experiencing a form of Primal Therapy over their angst with the Republican Party and that they would eventually settle down and begin making more intelligent choices.  Primal therapy is a trauma-based psychotherapy where uncontrolled screaming is used to ease the neurosis of repressed childhood pain.

With his effected academic accent, George was, at once, condescending and dismissive to the Conservative base of the Republican Party in a way that should endear him to the party elders who seek a new world order. 

This is nothing new for Will.  In 1980 he declared there were better candidates than Ronald Reagan.  In fact, back then he advised Republicans that almost any candidate was better than Ronald Reagan who he depicted as a doddering old man.

So, let me set George Will straight about Trump’s supporters and why there are so many of them. 

It has not gone unnoticed by the party faithful that centrist Republicans have joined with Democrats to form a Ruling Proletariat that lives by a different set of laws than they set for the rest of us.  The level of entitlement and permissiveness they have declared legal for themselves is beyond disgusting.  Whether it’s excluding themselves from mandatory enrollment in Obamacare to allowing themselves insider trading privileges, they have spit in the eye of the American taxpayer who is struggling to make a living everyday.

Now Conservatives are realizing that there is another benefit for members of the Ruling Proletariat, federal felony laws do no apply to them.

Conservative donors were systematically audited by the IRS under the direction of Obama acolyte Lois Lerner.   When it came time to turn over the evidence, her emails had all been erased. 

Hillary Clinton used a private server to handle her official State Department emails in direct violation of the Espionage Act.  When it came time to turn over her server she had it professionally wiped clean before giving it up.  Mrs. Clinton had callously allowed men to die at our embassy in Benghazi by doing nothing when we had ample military assets at the ready throughout the region that could’ve saved those men.  What would those emails have told us about her actions that night?

The destruction of evidence, either personally or by ordering someone to do it is covered by 18 U.S. Code 1512.  Violation of sections of this code carries with it a 20-year prison term plus fines.  As a former plaintiff in a federal trial (a trial that I won) I was made acutely aware of my responsibility to maintain my emails in their original condition and in their entirety by my legal team. 

That so many Conservative supporters of the Republican Party have been abused by Lerner on behalf of the Obama administration, and by Hillary Clinton personally, has angered these conservatives to no end.  To now witness the Republican Party’s refusal to execute their Constitutional responsibility to prosecute Lerner and Mrs. Clinton is even more maddening to them.

For George Will to lecture us on the need to “come home” to the Republican Party and its “experienced political officeholders” shows that as in 1980, he has no idea of the mood or intelligence of the electorate.

Here’s what we know George; When the Democrats win, we lose.  Worse, when the mainstream members of the Republican Party’s Ruling Elite win, we still lose.  We gave the party control of both houses of congress and we have nothing to show for it but a few trillion dollars more in debt further proving we have devolved into a one-party system. You can’t deny the facts, George.

Trump may not be the best person to lead this country he’s just better than anyone either party has to offer, primarily because he brings the potential for blowing up and remaking the Republican Party.

By parading this centrist panderer around as their intellectual conservative scholar Fox News shows they’re more about form than substance.  George Will is no William F. Buckley.