Fox News Now Aligning Against Trump

ELDER PATRIOT – Fox News is reporting that a veterans group called Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA) will refuse to accept any monies that Donald Trump raises tonight. 

No other news sources have as yet reported this calling into question the veracity of the Fox News report.  It’s beginning to appear that Fox is preparing to unload all of its firepower on Mr. Trump in the foreseeable future in an effort to derail his runaway popularity among the voters.

If it is true, John McCain’s fingerprints are sure to be found all over this.  McCain is still seething over Trump’s refusal to call him a hero and it’s likely he’s working his connections with veterans groups in an effort to undermine Mr. Trump’s candidacy.


Senator McCain and Fox News have worked together in the past specifically in trying to pass Senator McCain’s Gang of Eight Immigration Bill.  Rupert Murdoch, Fox’s founder, is co-chair of the Partnership for a New American Economy that may be the most powerful open-borders lobbying firm in America and he has made sure that Fox’s anti-immigration megaphone was silenced to help McCain in his efforts to pass his highly unpopular legislation.


Mr. McCain is now criticizing Donald Trump having told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, “I believe that Megyn Kelly is an outstanding journalist. But whether she is or not, that a candidate can decide who the questioners are would be a break down, as you know, of the system as we know it. The integrity of all journalists is compromised if this action is allowed.”

Really John?  Trump never asked for control over the questions or the questioners just for the removal of an obviously biased moderator, something Fox News should’ve done without any prodding in the interest of journalistic integrity. 

Maybe if you had a pair as big as the Donald does you could’ve saved us from eight years of Barack Obama.  So John, STFU!

The threat that Donald Trump’s candidacy is posing to the Republican Party’s power structure is exposing the entire political-donor class-media paradigm that has been used to control the way you think and vote for decades. 

If for no other reason, Mr. Trump’s potential for ending this unholy alliance that has underpinned Republican leadership’s active support of programs that have resulted in working-class Americans suffering from reduced real incomes and lost jobs while becoming strangers in their own country, is a better reason to vote for him than anything the other candidates are promising.