FOX NEWS’ Stacey Dash Just Released SHOCKING PHOTO of Herself – It’s Going VIRAL!

VIA| Stacy Dash is a beautiful actress who has been busy defending conservative views on Fox News. Liberals can’t stand her, because of her race. Apparently if you’re black, the left thinks you must support Obama.

Now she is attracting controversy by releasing THIS photo (below). She posted on Facebook a picture of herself at a gun shop, while celebrating being a licensed gun owner!  You can see why it has more than 70,000 likes!


Within minutes of posting, liberals expressed their outrage about Dash’s gun ownership.

One said, “Of course you are (a gun owner). Fox make you go do that?” More comments labeled her an “idiot” and a “traitor” to her race.

Another person opined, “Clueless and strapped. Lookout now.”

However, supporters of the Second Amendment quickly came to her defense. One popular comment said, “Screw the haters. You and all legal gun owners have my support.” And another said, “Stacey, you’re officially a Bad A$$!!!”