VIA| The past few weeks have been nothing short of astounding for GOP front-runner Donald Trump. From chaos forcing him to cancel a rally scheduled in Chicago to an incredible win in Tuesday’s primaries, Trump’s popularity among voters appears to be on the rise.

In a recent poll by YouGov, taken on March 10 to 12, three out of four Republican voters said the Republican Party should back Trump should he end up winning the nomination for president.

Trump’s approval rating also rose over 50 percent, rising from 44 percent in February. Seventy-four precent of GOP voters believed Trump will be the party’s nominee.

A large factor behind Trump’s popularity even among non-Trump supporters, according to data, was the fact that he was not politically correct.


This kind of support will make it hard for the Republican establishment to stop a Trump nomination in July with a contested convention. Doing so would only upset Trump supporters who have not only expressed their dissatisfaction with the establishment, but have also made their loyalty to Trump abundantly clear.

These numbers were particularly significant because Trump’s opposition has always said he would never win the nomination. Democrats along with the Republican establishment have believed that somehow, some way, Trump would have done himself in by now.

But as they’ve waited for that moment to happen, Trump has only managed togain more support — so much support that it seems very unlikely that anyone can take it from him at this point.


As upsetting as this information may be for Republican insiders, it should be equally concerning for presumptive Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, who will find that kind of support and those kinds of numbers challenging to beat. Trump may have stolen some of Clinton’s supporters already.

If these numbers truly indicate what’s in store, things are looking pretty good for “The Donald’s” political future.