George Takei Targets Chick-Fil-A … Backfires IMMEDIATELY


That Sulu is one funny, highly ignorant SOB, isn’t he?

George Takei re-posted an article titled “Companies You Should Avoid if You Support Gay Rights,” and he felt the backlash immediately.

Here’s his post with some responses…


And even more responses…


Gays were unfortunately awarded a constitutional right to marry nationwide, but that’s still not good enough.

Boycott this company, stay away from that company!

Nobody shop anywhere until everyone in the country is gay!

Let’s call conservative, moral politicians ‘homophobic‘ if they don’t follow the sheep!


Takei, I think your 15 minutes were up about 15 years ago, buddy. Also, who was the president when you were tossed in an internment camp, and what party did he belong to?