VIA| The terrorist attacks that shook Paris to its core Friday night truly hit home for Fox News host Geraldo Rivera after he learned that his daughter Simone was at the Stade de France as the suicide bombs went off outside the stadium.

Rivera, whom BizPac Review notes has been a prominent defender of Islamic actions over the years, broke down on live TV as he described to viewers the panic he felt during the moments when he feared for Simone’s life.

He told host Shepard Smith:

“She was at the soccer game with her best friend. They are studying their junior year abroad in Paris, and my daughter Simone told me they heard the three explosions around halftime.

They knew [French] President [François] Hollande was there and they start to leave and, you can imagine, people in the stadium were becoming upset and all of them wanted to leave.”


He then told Smith how the SWAT team and emergency services quickly entered the stadium trying to keep people inside as chaos ensued.

Fortunately, Simone and her friends were able to escape from both the Stade de France and the perimeter set up by the French authorities outside the stadium unharmed and made their way back to their Parisian flat.

Rivera continued:

“When I just spoke to her two or three minutes ago she said she’s looking for a taxi – she’s about four miles from home. We’re monitoring it. Her phone’s not working, it’s a mess…

This is a terrifying military-scale attack it seems to me and I just thank God she wasn’t at the rock concert but was at the soccer stadium, where because of the president’s presence, there was considerable security.

I don’t know what the three bombs have done as far as damage they have reached, but I do know this is an obviously coordinated terrorist attack and I heard from my own daughter this is a violent…”

It’s at this moment when Rivera’s emotions bubbled to the surface, as his eyes began to tear while explaining to Smith the agony he and his family had faced over the last few hours.


Showing Smith (and the Fox News viewers) a photo of himself and Simone, Rivera continued:

“You can imagine what it was like for us as parents waiting for her to communicate with us… We’re very concerned. We won’t rest until she is in her apartment. We don’t want her to travel. We don’t want to do anything… until they sort this out.

This is a major, major attack on a U.S. ally and god knows what’s next. I mean, it’s terrible. It’s my gorgeous daughter. It’s very upsetting, I’m used to being in the action myself, I can’t, I can’t…

It’s a lot easier to report these things and explain them myself than when it is your child. She just turned 21 years old, she’s a straight-A student, a wonderful, wonderful person and a gentle soul…”

French officials have confirmed that 129 people died and hundreds more were injured during Friday night’s coordinated terrorist attacks throughout downtown Paris.

After ISIS claimed responsibility for the attacks on Saturday, both President Hollande and President Obama pledged to do whatever it takes to avenge the attacks.