Glen Campbell’s Family Just Released TRAGIC News, Please PRAY

VIA| Glen Campbell’s was first diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and went public with this news in 2011. We have been wondering and waiting to hear updates on his health ever since that time.

Sadly Glen Campbell’s wife has release a heartbreaking update to his condition.

She recently announced the news in an interview on Broadways’ Electric Barnyard.

“The disease is marching on and is in late stage six out of seven stages.”

She tells us that he’s is physically healthy and cheerful, however he can no longer communicate verbally or understand anything when someone speaks to him.

Glen has left the care center and is now comfortable at home with his wife of 33 years. They try to find the joy in every day but Kim admits Glen can be very combative, especially when trying to bathe or clothe him.

“It’s been challenging,” Kim says. “He punched me in the eye, gave me a black eye… had a black eye for two weeks. It’s really hard to cope with. I don’t know.”

Glen and his family are in our thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. Please say and share this prayer for them.

Jesus I ask for total healing over Glen. May you rid him of this disease and bring him back to 100% health. AMEN.