Glenn Beck’s Fall From Grace

ELDER PATRIOT – Glenn Beck has exploited his Christian faith to advance his career but in truth he has never been a very nice person.  Despite Fox News bending over backwards to keep him on the air there in the face of overwhelming kickback from their sponsors, Beck was never gracious enough to recognize all of the people who contributed to his then deeply revealing investigative journalism about the Globalist movement.  Fox grew weary of his act and he eventually moved on to found the Daily Beast.

With the Daily Beast, Beck was free to build the company in his image.  In the process Beck exposed his personal avarice and once again his lack of compassion towards those who had helped him achieve success.

While Beck built an opulent office for himself and bought an array of expensive luxury cars, as well as an opulently appointed DC-9 that costs tens of thousands every month he treated his employees like chattel. 

As the Daily Beast hemorrhaged money, by some accounts as much as ten million dollars, Beck decided to terminate employees rather than cutback on his extravagances.  Even here he showed no class as the fired employees received their notice via phone calls from the HR department.

So as Beck wraps himself in Christianity and stumps for Ted Cruz ask your self this question, “Is this really the kind of men Cruz seeks to surround himself with?”  Cruz can reconcile this with his God, especially, in light of his campaign’s recent disingenuous undermining of Ben Carson and his own ungracious comments about Donald Trump following the Iowa Caucuses.