Glenn Beck’s Radio Show Is An Anti-Trump Super PAC

ELDER PATRIOT – Glenn Beck has become so emotionally unhinged over Donald Trump’s ascendancy that he’s turned his radio show into a disingenuous string of lies and mischaracterizations that deny historical truths three hours every day.

Admittedly, I tune in less and less these days but it seems every time I do Beck is likening Trump to Adolph Hitler.

The tirade I endured this morning was over Trump’s threat to kill the families of terrorists.  “It’s un-American,” roared Beck.  I found myself questioning how so?  Disturbing?  It is.  Un-American?  It’s not.

There were 13,463 terrorist attacks worldwide in the most recent reporting year.  These attacks left 32,727 dead and another 34,791 injured.  Another 9,428 people were the victims of kidnappings.  Numbers like this cannot be brushed aside as mere inconvenience.  There is a war raging and the longer we wait to fully engage in it the bigger the problem becomes.

Because terrorists are content to take their own lives to advance their twisted agendas, finding ways to disincentive their behavior is difficult.  Trump’s suggestion is one way to discourage future would be terrorists.  Is it un-American?  History tells us it’s not.

In WW II we bombed plenty of innocents in Dresden, Hiroshima and Nagasaki with the sole intention of breaking their will to continue fighting.  That is the nature of war, the denial of which only leads to increased casualties by those refusing to understand it, accept it and act accordingly.  Is it better that our young heroes come home without limbs or in body bags?  Or, that in a distorted effort to assuage our feelings of unease caused by the targeting specific people we willingly accept massive amounts more collateral casualties because it leaves some feeling less guilty.

War is about crushing the enemy’s will to go on.  We can surely agree that accomplishing that with the least number of foreign casualties is “American.”  We should also be able to agree that accomplishing our goals in the shortest amount of time and with the smallest number of American casualties is likewise very “American”.  Trump’s recommendation lays the foundations for accomplishing both while Beck rails like a member of CAIR. 

I respect Beck’s right to support the candidate of his choice but turning his radio show into an unauthorized PAC for three hours everyday should be illegal.