Globalists Take Giant Step New Word Order Today

ELDER PATRIOT – Freedom had the carpet pulled out from under it in Paris today.  We have John Kerry, Al Gore and Barack Obama to blame for this.

A major step towards a central global government was achieved today in Paris where Marxists representing 195 countries signed on to what is ostensibly a climate change agreement but, in actuality, when added with the alphabet soup of global trade agreements lays the groundwork to put all production regulations under the control of a single world authority. 

It has always been the goal of Marxists to control all means of production.  This agreement is a giant step towards achieving that goal.  The ramifications of this agreement will be much broader than mere economic austerity, tough.  Countries will be forced to follow the orders of the supreme ruling body or face regulatory sanctions that will cripple their economies. 

Independent nations like Israel simply won’t have the political clout that their regional Arab enemies can muster with the supreme rulers.

As with everything else with big-government leftists, this is solely about control.  And, making the Ruling Elite even richer.

Make no mistake about this Marxists couldn’t care less about the environment.  Countries struggling under Marxist rule are among the dirtiest and most polluted in the world.  This accord is nothing more than President Obama handing what’s left of America’s sovereignty over to the rest of the world.  His legacy of destroying freedom will be finalized if this treaty is ratified.

The last political play left is in the hands of the United States Senate.  Treaties of this sort require a vote of two-thirds of the senate to ratify them.  It’s uncertain whether the Republican held senate has already resorted to underhanded parliamentary procedures to tie their own hands as they did with the TPP and TTP trade agreements.  In that case they gave prior approval to President Obama to negotiate those agreements so that they then required two-thirds to reject the treaties he presented to them.  This allowed them to claim they voted against the final treaty after having previously approved it.  In essence the final vote was nothing more than a show vote.

There remains a slim possibility that the Republican-held senate has positioned themselves to veto this to use as an election issue but I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for that.  The majority of the Republicans have been voting for the globalist agenda too consistently and for too long to count on that eventuality now.

Obama and his cohorts in congress – both Democrats and Republicans – have thirteen months to complete the transition to the New World Order.  Republicans in congress give us nothing more than scant hope that President Obama will be made to encounter any more than the slightest resistance.