God vs Obamacare

ROMNEY WORDSWORTH – The United States of America was founded on the assertion that the Individual is possessed of certain inalienable rights. These rights are given by God. It was well understood by the Founding Fathers that the consensus of society MUST be that our rights come from God, for if they come from a lesser authority, such as the State, then those rights could one day be lost to the power of the State run amok.

Among these rights are the God given right to Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The pursuit of happiness has been widely interpreted to mean the acquisition and ownership of property. Individual ownership of Property is an expression of the God given right of the individual to create and enjoy the fruits of his own labor.

All rights proceed from God. There is no such thing as a right to a man-made commodity. You have heard the expression that: “Your rights end at the tip of my nose.” The proverbial tip of my nose is where my right to life (and health and to not be injured) intersects with your right to liberty (to move and enjoy such pursuits as you will).

There is a corollary to this principle: “Your rights end at the tip of my wallet.”

The meaning is clear: My right to the fruits of my labor define the boundaries of your liberty to do as you please. This too is part of God’s law, also referred to as Natural Law, and it is written on the heart of every human being, whether they are consciously willing to acknowledge it or not.

We instinctively as human beings know what our God given rights are, and what we do not have a God given right to. This can be easily demonstrated with any individual, even a child. For instance, take away a toy that belongs to a child, and that child instinctively knows that this is wrong. Tell a student that he is being denied the grade he actually earned, whether out of capriciousness or out of some misguided attempt at egalitarianism, and that student will protest. He will instantly say: “That isn’t fair.”

Throughout history, those who have been enslaved and mistreated have never accepted that enslavement or mistreatment as being fair and just. Even if the slave does not vocally protest, there has never been a slave that did not yearn for freedom. There has never been a person who had the food he had worked hard to gather or grow taken away from him by force, who thought: “Okay, these people are taking my food away, but that’s fair and I deserve it.”

There has never been a society where cowardice was lauded (with the possible exception of France), or where murder and stealing are considered just. These things still happen, of course, but notice that when they do, the individual committing these unjust acts invariably feels compelled to make excuses, to make elaborate justifications for what they know to be violations of God’s law. Even cannibals in Paleolithic tribes go through elaborate rituals to dehumanize their victims. Why? Because human beings know when they are doing wrong, and feel compelled to try and justify and excuse what they do.

It is the same with those who commit abortion. They engage in endless euphemisms and excuses and justifications. We all know that murdering the innocent unborn is wrong. So what do the abortionists do? They attempt to deny the humanity of the unborn, in order to excuse their violation of God’s law. It is imperative for the abortionist to deny the humanity of the unborn child, and they advance ridiculous arguments to that effect in the face of the ever advancing medical evidence to the contrary (think color ultrasound images). Why? Because they know that if they admit the humanity of the unborn, then they cannot justify what they do.

The Judeo-Christian world view, both culturally and theologically, is unique in world history in recognizing the primacy of the Individual, due to his God given rights, over the power of the State. The Constitution of the United States was specifically designed to recognize and preserve the dignity and self-worth of the Individual as the End to which the power of the State was to be harnessed to serve.

There is no God given right to healthcare. It cannot be so, because healthcare is a human produced commodity. It is the fruit of someone’s labor, and therefore you cannot have a right to it, because it is the property of another. It can be purchased, it can be exchanged for something else of value, and we know this to be fair. But you don’t have a “right” to take it from someone against their will, or force them to provide it to you, because that would be a form of enslaving another human being to serve you. It is no more just to force someone to pay for your healthcare than it would be for you to force them to give you a car, or a Rolex watch. The fact that you might need the healthcare really, really badly does not change the principle.

If the State is in charge of dispensing healthcare, then you certainly won’t have any “right” to it. This is so because if it is the State that decides how much to expend for healthcare and for whom, then implicit in that power is the power to say “no”. Obamacare is, in fact, specifically written to give the State power to deny you healthcare, or some portion thereof. If the State can do that, then you have no “right” to it. You are no more than a supplicant begging for largesse from the State.

Note that this situation is exactly contrary to the founding principle that it is the Individual that has a God given right to life. That means YOU have the right to decide how your life ends, and what measures YOU will take to extend your life! If you let the State take this power away from you, forever will you be in bondage to the State.

Notice too, that those who are proposing that government run the healthcare system are proposing a particularly malicious form for it to be carried out under. They want a system that will seek to save money by rationing and denying healthcare to those that need it most, the elderly. The true nature of the Left, of the Socialist, when left to their own devices, is to treat you no better than an animal: They seek the power to pick and choose who will be bred (abortion) and then, after they force you to spend your whole life serving the State through taxation at the level of a Serf, they are anxious to put you down like a lame draft horse. They use you up, and then throw you away! The only thing missing from the current healthcare bill is a mandatory organ donation system, so they can squeeze a little more profit out of your corpse, like the farmer sending a dead horse to the glue factory. You may have also noticed that the architects of this Orwellian nightmare have exempted themselves from it.

I can think of no greater threat to freedom and liberty than for the State to have a monopoly on the providing of healthcare. Who will dare to criticize the State when it is the State that decides if you, or your children, have access to a doctor or to a needed medicine? Think particularly about this thuggish bunch of Communist radicals who have infested the Federal Government today, the Obamunists.

This is a group that thinks nothing of sending out union goon squads to harass and intimidate the elderly at Town Halls. This is a group that thinks nothing of misusing the tax records of anonymous individuals that get in their way (Joe the Plumber) in order to ruin them personally and financially. The Left has long been a group that thinks nothing of using government personnel records to discredit and destroy their enemies (Linda Tripp), supposedly sealed divorce records (Representative Ryan (R) of Illinois). This is a movement that was even willing to make up FAKE records to try and destroy a president! (Dan Rather’s Memo-gate) This is a movement that created the TSA, which sexually assaults travelers on a daily basis and defends its right to do so. This is a movement that has appropriated to itself the power to use drones to kill Americans on American soil, with charge and without trial.

Do any of you reading these words think for even a second that this group will even bat an eyelash at using medical records to identify medical vulnerabilities in their political opponents and critics, and use their monopoly powers to snuff out, literally, those critics? Or how about just make those medical records disappear? (Sandy Berger, anyone?)

I cannot think of a government monopoly power more ripe for abuse and corruption than the state running our healthcare system. I can think of no group like the Obamunists who are more likely to abuse such power. You know in your heart that this is wrong; this is a great evil that we, and our children, are about to be subjected to. This is a dark and sinister future before us, and it is against what God intends for us.