GOP Sends Troops To Fight For Iraqi’s Right To Vote Then Denies Them The Same Opportunity When They Return

ELDER PATRIOT – The Republican Party’s lack of respect for our military is on full display this week as one establishment jackal after another has taken to the media to explain why the Colorado GOP’s decision to deny voters the right to vote for their next presidential candidate is justified.  It’s the rules don’t you know.


The fact that it smacks of the rules that totalitarian rulers use to stay in power is conveniently ignored by these party apparatchiks.


Also ignored by these self-righteous deniers of our Founding Principles are the 4,496 dead and 32,223 wounded Americans who selflessly sacrificed to give the citizens of Iraq the right to vote.  And now the survivors come home to find that right denied to them.


The action of the Colorado GOP is an affront to every American.  By denying Colorado voters the opportunity to award even a few delegates, they may have stolen the entire nominating process from Americans in all fifty states because if Trump arrives in Cleveland short of the 1237 needed to secure a first ballot nomination he will be denied the nomination.  The largest voting bloc in GOP history has been told to shut up and watch as they are completely disenfranchised.


Just like the members of our military who willingly risked everything to provide the Iraqis with a level of freedom they returned to discover they no longer had.