ROMNEY WORDSWORTH – General Motors became Government Motors when the Obama Regime took over the car company back during Obama’s first term in 2009.  What was billed as just another government bailout was, in fact, a move by Obama that nationalized two out of the Big Three car manufacturers left in America—GM and Chrysler.  Once Obama got control of GM, he installed a hand-picked CEO who knew nothing about the car business, and shut down many GM dealerships for political reasons:  they were owned by white conservatives or Republican party donors.

Socialists love to argue that nationalizing industries are the way to go because only Socialism, and government controlling major industries, can alieve the excesses of capitalism.  Only nationalized companies, they argue, run by the government, will put national interests first over cut throat profits, selfishness and greed.  The kind of greed that leads companies to offshore jobs to save a buck (never mind that it is always government laws and regulations that chase these jobs overseas). 

So it is with some consternation, especially for the United Auto Workers of America, that we see GM is building its latest flagship model of vehicle in CHINA.  That’s right, CHINA.  The Obama run GM used its tax dollar bailout money to build a new factory in China, where it will build the new Buick Envision.  GM is betting the American public is willing to drive a car built in China, despite the Chinese reputation for poor quality, and will ignore it is a rolling metaphor for the off shoring of good paying American manufacturing jobs.  Call it the Wallmartization of the auto industry. 


The Envision is Buick’s latest sport utility vehicle and will be introduced at a lavish party on the eve of the Detroit auto show in the hopes of maximizing media coverage.  It portends to be the vanguard of many more GM vehicles to be built offshore and imported back into the U.S., like any other Asian import.

“We expect it to be a great success,” says Molly Peck, US marketing director for Buick.  “It offers all the features and amenities of a luxury UV.  It’s high quality, quiet, filled with advance safety technology. The design is gorgeous. The interior execution is outstanding. And it’s all at a price point that offers a great a value.”  What it isn’t is American made.  Its success will ensure the enrichment of the Chinese Middle Class at the expense of America’s Middle Class—but you didn’t hear that during Obama’s State of the Rebuttal to Donald Trump on Tuesday night.

Buick Envision

GM’s decision to import the Envision from China — a first for a major automaker — has sparked outrage and is expected to become an issue in the 2016 presidential campaign.

The United Auto Workers union, which had lobbied to build the Envision in the United States, called the decision to import it from China a “slap in the face” to taxpayers who bailed GM out of bankruptcy in the wake of the financial 2008 crisis.

Donald Trump has not yet commented on the issue, but it is probably only a matter of time since he regularly rails against China for stealing American jobs.

“GM’s North America plants are just running full-out: there isn’t a logical place to put that car,” said Stephanie Brinley, an analyst with IHS Automotive.  This conveniently ignores the fact that GM has shuttered many of its plants across America.  I know, because I happen to live near one that used to make Chevy pickups.  This plant was huge, and made fighter aircraft for the War Department during World War II.  Now it is completely razed to the ground, nothing is left but a hundred acres of gravel and a chain link fence.  GM has demobilized plants across the country, downsizing its manufacturing here and steadily, inexorably, shifting all its manufacturing overseas.  This is the result of unionization and the skyrocketing costs of mandated government healthcare.  U.S. companies can’t compete making things in America, not even a company run by, and subsidized by, that same government.

From GM’s point of view, it may make financial sense to import the Envision from China: it sold over 1.2 million Buicks in China last year and only 223,000 in the U.S.  In the end, most of the Buicks GM makes may stay in China and never be imported to the U.S. as the American Middle Class is destroyed, so is the domestic market for automobiles.  Clearly, the partnership of Google and Uber with automakers portends a plan to put an increasingly impoverished America under a fleet of government controlled and corporate owned self driving cars.  Not only will our children be too poor to own their own homes, they’ll even be renting their cars by the mile. 


The Obama Regime is engineering these trends to come true.  It begins and ends with shipping manufacturing overseas.  Without manufacturing, there are no good paying jobs for the Middle Class.  With no Middle Class, then all the service industries built around the auto and real estate industries collapse as well.  What’s left? 

We saw what is left on Tuesday night, when the Democrats and Republicans joined ranks during the State of the Union to act as one elite—the Ruling Party, to attack Donald Trump in unison.  The one guy who wants to reverse America’s wealth all flowing to China.

Happy Hunger Games!