Grandma Waves To Kids Every Day From Her Window. When She’s Not There, They Start to Worry…

VIA| For five years, 93-year-old, Louise Edlen, has waved to a school bus full of smiling students every morning from her dining room window.

Louise may not know the children by name, but they say she’s “part of the family” and wave back without hesitation.


Image Credit: Screenshot/KING 5 News

One morning, the students on bus No. 7 in Arlington, Washington, noticed the “grandma in the window” wasn’t there.

When the bus driver, Carol Mitzelfeld, found out their friend from afar had suffered a stroke, she passed the heartbreaking news on to her morning riders.

“Carol was telling us that a lot of times she doesn’t remember her daughter’s name, but she always remembers to wave to the kids on the bus,” 7th grader, Axtin Bandewerfhorst, told KING 5 News. “That made me feel really special.”

Mitzelfeld decided flowers from the students might cheer up the grandma of 30, so she delivered them to Louise as she recovered in a rehabilitation center.


Image Credit: Screenshot/KING 5 News

Since the 93-year-old couldn’t wave from her window the next day to thank the children for their kind gesture, she put up this sign instead:


Image Credit: Screenshot/KING 5 News

“That made me really smile,” 10th grader, Cheyanne Holt, said. “It shows how much we mean to her.”

After seeing the adorable thank-you note, the kids responded with a sign of their own: a large photo of her morning pals, sending her a giant wave hello.


Image Credit: Screenshot/KING 5 News

“This is from the kids,” Mitzelfeld told Louise. “They miss you and want you to get better.”

According to KING 5 News, the stroke has made it very difficult for Louise to speak, but she mentioned to respond:

“I miss them, too; I’m trying to get better.” 


Image Credit: Screenshot/King5 News

Louise’s husband of 53 years, Dave, said seeing the children “is everything in the world to her.”

If her recovery process goes smoothly, Louise will reportedly return home on this week.

The “grandma from the window” promises to be waving to the children again in no time.