Greed – The Driving Force Behind College Students

ELDER PATRIOT – Polling shows that college-aged students overwhelmingly support Bernie Sanders.  An Iowa poll taken at the time of their caucuses reveals their almost unanimous support of the avowed socialist with 84% preferring Mr. Sanders ahead of his rival Hillary Clinton.

Does this signal an ideological shift among our youth towards socialism?  Have our young rejected our drive for material wealth for a kind of Kumbaya economic system where everyone shares their wealth equally?  Au contraire.

Additional polling indicates that is not the case as the graph below indicates.


Despite undergoing Marxist indoctrination that began no later than the age of five, by the time most young people reach their junior year in college they begin realizing the benefits of a capitalist system.  This coincides with the time when most students begin thinking about “where they go from here” and they start understanding that their earning potential is now significantly higher than their non-college educated counterparts and the immigrant class whose presence here they so stridently defend.

That conclusion can be drawn from the following chart that illustrates they are virtually no different from older Americans in accepting redistribution of their wealth:


In fact, if 18-20 year olds are removed from the sample group they have been lumped in, it’s likely the 21-29 year old group would reject wealth redistribution even more strongly than the average of all Americans.

So what motivates these young people? It’s the same thing that motivates the rest of us.  It’s the same thing that has driven every economic system since the beginning of time, either positively or negatively.  Greed.

During interviews virtually all of Bernie Sanders’ supporters have no idea what socialism is, what Mr. Sanders stands for, how income redistribution would work, or how he might be different from Hillary Clinton.  There is only one thing they cite, and they cite it unanimously, free college tuition.

This may be the height of greed.  When asked why they are attending college students readily answer so that they can get a better job than is available to those with only a high school diploma.  They believe this investment in their personal futures should be paid for by the greater society because that society somehow benefits from it.  That raises the question, how many more unemployed social workers can society absorb before it screams “uncle.”

Sadly, after twelve years of public schooling and an additional couple of years attending college, most Sanders’ supporters are incapable of naming our Vice President, the year we declared our independence and which country it was from, or who won the Civil War.  They unanimously know, however, that Snooki was the star of MTV’s Jersey Shore.

In these ways they have more in common with the welfare queens they’ll soon be helping to support – if they can find a job – than should people preparing to lead the world to new horizons.  In their minds government largesse is what’s spent on other people.

Take heart America, fortunately they share the one trait that makes capitalism the greatest economic system yet devised – their belief that greed is only restricted to what other people do.