GREED: Why the Framers Decentralized Government and Promoted Capitalism

ELDER PATRIOT – We have become participants in the “fundamental transformation of America” that Barack Obama promised us when he was elected.  We became convinced, by charlatans masquerading as populist politicians that greed was wholly bad and only the elimination of greed on a personal level would allow them to make things better for the masses. Only an ideological moron can like what he now sees.  The right to self-determination has become an esoteric concept that is supported only by elections that increasingly do little to change things.

Under President Obama, Democratic and Republican Congresses, and an ideologically driven  (or, blackmailed) group of political hacks on the Supreme Court we have witnessed the continued, and accelerated, disregard of our Tenth Amendment as the federal government has seized powers specifically reserved for the states or the people. 

The consolidation of power was not limited to the reach of the federal government as large cap and multinational corporations were given huge competitive advantages over America’s entrepreneurs.  This has done immeasurable damage to Main Street America allowing large corporations to become less responsive to their customers whether through customer service (you are the fourteenth caller.  Your call will be answered in the order in which it was received) or the uniformity of the products they offer.

The citizens themselves have become the enemy of a state so out of control that it must spy on the very citizens who elected them in the first place.  A government so frightened of its armed citizenry that it feels the need to repeal our Second Amendment protections and that censures many websites like the one you’re reading this on by deliberately limiting our reach or flatly shutting us down.

Why has this come to be?  Greed.  The greed of the politicians and the greed of the people who elected them and the consolidation of powers both corporate and governmental that our Founders sought a Constitutional limitation on.

The American people vested too much trust in people they never knew and whose backers were willing to spend billions of dollars to get their candidates elected.  There’s a reason people seek to buy influence, it’s to get richer.  Whether they’re individuals, businesses or unions it’s always the same reason, greed. 

The enemy became people like the small tavern owner who “skimmed” a meager amount of the money he earned from his reported revenues rather than the politicians who have defrauded the very people they took an oath to defend and protect to the tune of $250 trillion dollars.  That is how compromised these greedy bastards will leave us when they leave office in 2017 when the total damage is calculated including their continued raiding of social security.

Logic dictates that accruing debt in excess of $1 million for every U.S. taxpayer must be unnecessary to run government.  It’s simply an unsustainable model for a government to pursue that can only be explained by the need to feed the greed of the politicians and those who funded their elections through their own illegal skimming operations, though it’s difficult to justify the use of the word “skimming” when a quarter quadrillion dollars is the amount being discussed.

Finally, to the people who made all of this possible either willingly or unwillingly.  None of this would’ve been possible without the greed of the people. 

It’s easy to point to the liberal segment of society who voted to give themselves a share of the hard-earned money of others for their personal benefit.  These are society’s useful idiots that Lenin referred to and our political leaders rely on.  But, greed also ruled the actions of those opposed to larger and more intrusive government and those who should’ve been opposed to it.

For some it was simply being too involved in the accumulation of their own wealth to become involved politically or to even put the time aside to simply vote.  For others, they didn’t care to see past their noses.  Leveraging government was good for business in the near term and would leave them personally enriched even as it edged the country closer to bankruptcy.

The circle of government control is virtually complete.  Whether corporations will continue to be welcomed as partners in the new world order or the government will eventually seize control of them is yet to be determined as both side’s greed continues to guide them.  In either event, things won’t improve for the people if the current course is not reversed.

If the 228 years since the Framers gave us our Constitutional government we have proven them to be behavioral geniuses even as we’ve rejected virtually all of their guidance.  Greed, decentralized in the hands of many, has proven to create immeasurable incentives for business and government to provide their very best goods, innovations and services or to be left behind by those that do.  Greed in the hands of a few removes those incentives and replaces them with the incentives for largesse and corruption.

As we stand on the precipice of losing our freedoms in their entirety, trimming around the edges of our leviathan government will no longer suffice if we have any desire to return our government to the people.  We must make the 2016 elections one of earthquake proportions if we have any hope of shattering the iron grip of government and preserving our society’s fading vibrancy.  We should consider it our obligation to provide the next generation of Americans with their opportunity to live the American dream.  It’s the least us greedy bastards can do for our children.