VIA| Recently, Michigan State Senate advanced a bill that would allow gun owners with specific permits the opportunity to enter “gun-free” areas armed with concealed firearms.

If this proposal goes through, Michigan will no longer have “gun-free” zones and weapons could be allowed in hospitals, schools, and churches.

Led by Republicans, the bill is now going to the Michigan Senate floor for a vote. If this passes, gun owners simply need to apply for a permit to bring their concealed weapons into the local community’s schools, child care centers, bars, churches, hospitals and even more places.

Although concealed carry would be OK, the new law would prevent gun owners from openly carrying weapons in these previous “gun-free” zones.

“We have a constitutional right to defend ourselves, and there’s no exception clause associated with it,” said Republican State Sen. Patrick Colbeck of Canton. “The data clearly shows that we have increased public safety when people are allowed to carry guns.”

School officials, clergy, and non-violence groups don’t support this political move.

“Whether they’re open carry or conceal carry, I don’t think guns have a place in schools at all,” Susan Bailey-Carmen, a member of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America says.

Supporters assert that “gun-free” zones attract shootings and massacres because people are unarmed.

“This legislation will allow more citizens the ability to protect themselves and their families in these areas,” Republican State Sen. Mike Green of Mayville told the Oakland Press.

A similar bill was introduced in 2012 but was vetoed because of the Newtown, Connecticut shootings where 20 children died.
Do you think gun owners should carry weapons into schools?