Harry Reid: Old School Pol Courting Disaster For His Oligarchy

ELDER PATRIOT – Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid has gone on the record saying that his party will force Republican House and Senate members to vote on Donald Trump’s proposals.

Reid is trying to open a wide gash between the establishment Republicans and the leading candidate to be their party’s headliner in the 2016 elections.  The Minority Leader indicated he has been in his Washington bubble a little too long when he made this pronouncement: If Republicans are afraid to bring their standard-bearer’s policies up for votes, Democrats will hold Republicans accountable by seeking floor votes on Trump’s policies ourselves.”

Senator Reid is known as an underhanded liar among his colleagues so this can only be interpreted as an effort to involve himself in the electoral politics of the Republican Party.  It’s virtually inconceivable that he is doing this to unseat any of the Congressional Republicans who have delivered everything he wanted as the leader of the Democratic Party.  Just listen to New York Senator Charles Schumer: Democrats had an amazingly good year as a minority party.”  As the year drew to a close Schumer was moved to declare, “We got more than we wanted.”

Reid is a savvy politician who knows exactly what he’s doing.  He’s scared shitless of a Trump presidency and the divisions that it will expose among the various interests that his party must cobble together for electoral success.  This is an attempt by Reid to undermine the Republican Party in order to damage what must ultimately become the foundation for Trump’s electoral ground game.  Reid is walking a dangerous line and his arrogance may come back to bite him severely.

Reid is banking on the fact that House and Senate Republicans will reject Trump’s proposals ostracizing him in the process.  Not so fast Harry.  Republican members of both houses have become more like you than you are admitting here.  The primary obligation of all Oligarchs is to themselves and that means lying to their constituents if need be to get re-elected something they’ve become quite accomplished at after too many years in the Washington bubble with you.

Those who deice it’s best to commit to Trump’s plan will further strengthen Trump’s poll numbers while those who don’t become even more vulnerable to primary challengers.

When Trump first announced his candidacy he became the lone candidate with the potential to challenge the stranglehold of the Oligarchy that they two parties had created.  His willingness to challenge the policies of the entrenched “Beltway Insiders” and confront issues in the most forthright manner possible catapulted him to a commanding lead in the polls and has turned this election into both an ideological referendum and a voter insurgency.  It’s become clear that voters on both sides of the aisle are drawn to Trump because he gives voice to everything they’ve been thinking but that the Oligarchs have carefully hidden from discussion.

Reid is proceeding as though it’s business as usual and that the mainstream media will pull his candidates through at election time.  That’s a risky proposition.  The mainstream media hasn’t been able to derail Trump.  If anything, their attacks have only encouraged more support for Trump.

With his plan to hold members of both houses feet to the fire, if Trump decides to campaign for insurgent Republican primary challengers, Harry Reid may be opening the door for a seismic turnover in the Congress of the United States that can help reshape the country so that Americans no longer feel like strangers in their own country.