Have We Made a Mistake by Treating Terrorists as Criminals?

ELDER PATRIOT – Are we being held hostage by our own civility?  In the asymmetrical world of terrorist warfare the terrorists win every battle. 

Our insistence on treating them as simple criminals only denies their allegiance to a much broader worldwide movement and allows them to kill us at a much greater rate than we kill them here in the United States.  Additionally, we now have laws allowing for indefinite detention of Americans without charges among the “preventative” measures that ignore our Constitutional safeguards.  We are playing right into their hands.

The Bush’s doubletalk about winning hearts and minds notwithstanding, wars are won by destroying your enemy’s desire to continue fighting.  When someone is committed to dying for a cause the threat of death or imprisonment does nothing to incentive that person from carrying out an attack.  They are kamikazes for what they believe is a larger movement.

Somehow, after our victory over Japan in World War II we have forgotten that lesson.  Regardless of what history’s revisionists will tell you now, the Japanese would never have surrendered if we had not unleashed hell on the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  While it is true that as many 250,000 Japanese citizens were killed they were not innocents having supported the murderous efforts of their own government. 

To add some proportionality to this argument American military strategists projected 1,000,000 deaths among our military personnel during the course of an invasion on the mainland of Japan.  The inconvenient truth is that the number of American lives spared and the Japanese’ unconditional surrender prove the strategy to be correct.

Here in the United States a recent poll conducted among Muslims who are American citizens tells us that more than half favor Sharia law instead of our Constitution.  Are we really “winning their hearts and minds” or do they represent a Trojan horse that we’ve welcomed into our country?

Liberals blame America for these terror attacks because we elected men and women who institute policies that militant Islamists disagree with.  They hold us responsible for what our government does.  They should.  To win this war we must likewise hold accountable the terrorists and the nations from which they come that fund their violence.  We must unleash hell on those nations that fund terrorism and the communities and families of the terrorists themselves.

We will only win by destroying the will and incentive of the terrorists and those funding it to continue fighting.