Have You Seen This Beer With a “SECRET MESSAGE” On The Side? What It Says Will SHOCK YOU

VIA| He was just blocks from Ground Zero and days after 9/11 one man decided he needed to do something to help our great country.

So Seth Jordan joined the Marine Corps. He says he was “overwhelmed” with the passion, intelligence, and camaraderie of the men and women he encountered in the Marines. But after his squadron tragically suffered a mid-air collision of two helicopters, Jordan was devastated.

After his discharge and return to the States, Jordan was having a beer with his buddies when he had a great idea. Why not have a beer that is dedicated to a serviceman or woman who gave their lives in combat? That’s when Jordan decided to start Dog Tag Brewing—a company that has a dedication to a solider on each can so their memories can live on.

“It’s my hope that we at DogTag Brewing can kind of reinvent the toast,” said Jordan. “I want a consumer to take one of those individualized beer cans from the six pack, pull it out and hand one to their friend and pull one for themselves. And then they both take that time to just look at that can and realize who that beer is dedicated to.”

How awesome!!! So this is a beer made by DogTag Brewing Company and on each beer is info on a fallen military victim an…

Posted by Zac Mills on Tuesday, July 29, 2014

This company is so amazing. I’m never drinking a regular beer again!