VIA| Taylor Thyfault could not have been described as anything less than an ambitious and exceptional teenager. He didn’t dream of becoming rich or buying a mansion, instead coming up with 25 future goals for his life after high school that included plenty of fulfilling pursuit,s but nothing about making tons of money.

By the time Tyler was 21-years-old, he already managed to become an army veteran and was in the final stages of his training with the Colorado State Patrol. He was on assignment with Trooper Clinton Rushing on May 23, 2015 when suddenly something happened that would cut this inspiring young man’s life short forever.

Tyler’s goals coming out of high school were simple and should serve as an inspiration for anyone looking for some guidance in their life.

  1. Join the Army and be the best that I can be
  2. Go bungee jumping
  3. Get married
  4. Start a family
  5. Buy an English Bull Dog and name him Diesel
  6. Swim with sharks
  7. Visit Hawaii
  8. Visit the tribe I am from (Saquangue Lakota Oyate)
  9. Save a life
  10. Coach a Lacrosse team
  11. Graduate high school
  12. Get a masters part time in the military
  13. Get a job
  14. Buy my own truck
  15. Wrestle an alligator
  16. Meet the ‘Jackass’ crew
  17. Buy my Quad
  18. Play football for a minor league
  19. Go cliff diving
  20. Volunteer in the community
  21. Go to Alaska
  22. Be there for all of the people that have been there for me
  23. Never be arrested
  24. Go to Oktoberfest in Germany
  25. Be the best man, husband, son, soldier, and friend as … possible

Whether or not you support the military, you cannot deny that if everyone followed this list a little closer, the world would be a far better place. Unfortunately Tyler was involved in an incident during which he and his partner were warned about a high-speed police chase coming right for them.

They deployed stop sticks, but just seconds later the car barreled into the two men – Tyler was killed almost instantly, Rushing left in critical condition. Apparently right before he was killed Tyler was still trying to save lives, warning a truck driver about the oncoming collision instead of getting out of the way himself.

“If you asked him, he’d do it again,” says his mom Carole Adler. “He sacrificed himself for someone else. He lived, he dreamed and breathed that.”

Just a few weeks after her son’s death, Adler was so consumed by grief that she decided to text her son’s phone one last time. After sending several messages, she was shocked to get a response.

Sergeant Kell Hulsey of the Greely Police Department received a new work phone number this summer, noticing the text messages almost instantly. Once the misunderstanding was explained, the two went their separate ways – but still text each other once in a while just for comfort

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