He Hauls A STRANGE ENGINE Downstairs, But WATCH What Happens When It HITS THE SNOW …

VIA| As Mother Nature releases her wrath of winter upon us, those more adventurous people say the more snow, the better. Hopping on a snowmobile — a vehicle designed for winter travel and recreation — is a popular past-time for many folks. You’re about to be introduced to one of the most incredible snowmobiles we’ve ever seen. It’s an invention that’s taking the internet by storm, bringing happiness to even those struck with the winter blues.

The MTT-136 by My Track Technology is an electric, multi-purpose vehicle/treaded sled that does everything from climb snowbanks to plow through the forest — winter or summer terrain! Gas2.org says, “In its most elementary design, the 280 lb. machine includes an electric motor and a battery pack surrounded by an aluminum housing that is in turn, wrapped in a tractor-esque rubber track. Attached to the rear of the MTT-136 is a handlebar, similar to what you would find on a lawn mower, with the MTT being maneuvered in a comparable way to one.”

Whether it’s used to give your friends a fun sled ride, pull heavy logs or gun through layers of snow or brush, The MTT is not only fun but also incredibly diverse.

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