He Noticed Part Of His Lawn Started Collapsing. So He Digs & Finds THIS Door. What It Leads To … MOTHER OF GOD!!

VIA|  Reddit user John Sims recently posted something new on the popular website, and this one has gone viral quicker than he ever could have imagined. While doing some lawn care, he noticed a part caving in, so he started to dig.

Sims discovered a hidden fallout shelter, first found by the previous owner but then reburied for years and years. Apparently the shelter was first built in 1961 by a company named Whitaker Pools – right at the beginning of all the atomic hysteria.



Through city records, Sims found this “rough drawing” of the shelter, detailing the entire layout. It is far larger than first appears, but is only accesible through a small, circular hatch. As you can see in the pictures Sims shared, the entire shelter is empty of any cool artifacts.


Yet the structure itself is certainly a relic, made of a concrete base with a fiberglass dome. Sims believes it was closed off on purpose, but now he has been inspired to restore the space back to it’s “original glory.”


bunker2 bunker3 (1)

The Tuscon area was more affected by the nuclear fears than other parts of the country, due to a time between the 60’s and 80’s during which eighteen intercontinental ballistic missiles were stationed right around the city in the Sonoran Desert. If your town was surrounded by nukes, you’d probably have a secret fallout shelter like this too.