Hey Hillary STFU!!!

U.S. Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-NY) speaks at Montante Cultural Center at Canisius College in Buffalo, New York on January 31, 2005. Earlier in the afternoon, Senator Clinton fainted due to a reported illness while giving a speech on Social Security. REUTERS/Patrick J. McPartland

ELDER PATRIOT – Hillary Clinton’s whole political life has been about smoke and mirrors fueled only by the fact that she’s a woman.  Regardless of her supposedly feminist bona fides, Mrs. Clinton has built her career on playing the victim, a tactic only used successfully by females and no one else.  Her reaction to yesterday’s version of Filegate II is another case in point.

We may never know what the truth is about how Bernie Sanders campaign staffers were able to access Hillary Clinton’s data files that apparently contained proprietary information about her high level donors.  Sanders contention that is was purely accidental due to a software patch being installed on a computer housing both his and Mrs. Clinton’s files and in the possession of the Democratic National Committee may or may not be true.  Frankly, who cares and why does it matter?

What difference can it possibly make if Bernie Sanders has an opportunity to approach her donors regarding his political positions in an effort to propel his candidacy forward by raising money?  Isn’t Democracy founded on open debate?  What is Mrs. Clinton afraid of? 

This is only about two things; Mrs. Clinton getting to play the victim again (apparently that polls well among women) and distracting Democrat voters from their growing concerns as to why the DNC is working to shield her from questioning by limiting the number of debates and restricting them to Saturday nights when fewer people are watching. 

I’m betting Debbie Wasserman Shultz “arranged” for the data breach in order to tarnish the Sanders’ campaign and Bernie himself.  This would not be the only time Wasserman Shultz has broken or changed protocol for Mrs. Clinton’s benefit.  It’s become apparent from Mrs. Clinton’s obviously rehearsed answers during the previous debates that she was supplied with the questions beforehand or even was allowed to write the questions herself.

The fact that Mrs. Clinton has never been held to answer for Filegate I is infinitely more important to deciding her suitability for the presidency than this non-issue.

You remember Filegate I, don’t you?  Mrs. Clinton, in one of her first acts upon becoming First Lady hired Craig Livingstone to serve as director of the White House’s Office of Personnel Security.  His job was to vet applicants for employment in the White House. 

“Somehow” at least 340 FBI files on Republicans and other Clinton political opponents found their way through Livingstone’s office and into the possession of Hillary Clinton. 

Mrs. Clinton has never been made to answer for this despite her role in the Watergate investigation in which she helped bring down sitting President Richard Nixon for exactly the same thing.

At the time Mrs. Clinton was discovered to be in possession of those files her husband claimed it was a “completely honest bureaucratic snafu.”  Mrs. Clinton then laid the incident at the feet of the Republicans charging them with attempting to use the incidence of her illegal activity for political gain.

So, when Hillary Clinton approved this message from her campaign manager Robby Mook, “This was not an inadvertent glimpse into our data. The staffers did not make a mistake — they made 25 intentional searches of our data,” my reaction was to tell Mrs. Clinton to STFU.