Hillary Clinton And The Plan To End US Sovereignty

ELDER PATRIOT – The revelations about Hillary Clinton’s deliberate mishandling of our most highly classified information while Secretary of State raises very serious questions about her fidelity to the sovereignty of The United States.  The fact that this has been widely known by the Obama administration for a long time implicates the president and his entire administration in this plot.

Once Hillary revealed that she had used her personal server exclusively during her tenure as head of State it became obvious that everyone she exchanged emails with was aware of the security breach because of the server’s address attachment to every email.  That no one attempted to put an end to this implicates them as willing co-conspirators.  This includes the president.

It’s now becoming clear that violations of the Espionage Act rise all the way to the White House and the President.  The Espionage Act regulates the handling of intelligence by government officials. 

“In fact, the espionage act—which regulates the handling of intelligence by government officials — does not refer to classified information; it refers to information relating to the national defense. Moreover, it does not prohibit solely the transmission of such information; it criminalizes the communication, delivery, or transmission of that information; causing communication, delivery, or transmission of that information; permitting the removal of that information from its proper place of custody through gross negligence; permitting that information to be lost, stolen, abstracted, or destroyed through gross negligence; or, failing to make a prompt report to superiors in the government when an official knows that the information has been removed from its proper place of custody, communicated to someone not authorized to have it, lost, stolen, abstracted, or destroyed. See also Title 18 United States Code Section 2071 (prohibiting destruction of records). “

Andy McCarthy writing for National Review

The fact that so many members of government – elected and appointed – remained silent for so long virtually proves a greater plan to damage the United States was in place.  Only an idiot with no prior knowledge of how the Clintons operate could believe Hillary would be willing to take the fall for a simple breach of protocol.  The only logical conclusion is that Mrs. Clinton is part of something much, much larger.

What could that be?  Try this line of reasoning:

Under the banner of the Progressive Movement, the world’s Marxists have been gaining popularity.  Progressives have consistently advocated political positions that put U.S. sovereignty at risk.  These policies have included:

Open border immigration policies that serve to divide and dilute our electorate.

Legislating expenditures that go well beyond any reasonable ability to pay them with current tax revenues thereby indebting us to international bankers and foreign governments.

Using their control of our education system to indoctrinate young people into socialist and new world order dogma.

Giving free reign to the EPA to terrorize industries operating on U.S. soil and forcing them into expensive compliance programs making them less competitive on the international markets.

Raising taxes and employment costs on corporations to the point that they are forced to move major portions of their operations out of the U.S.

This only touches on the extent to which Progressive policies have challenged the sovereignty of our country.  The entire Progressive Movement appeared to be one based on compassion for “the less fortunate” and U.S. voters swallowed it hook, line and sinker. 

The simple fact that Mrs. Clinton has not had her security clearance suspended pending the outcome of this investigation is astonishing in itself and suggests that Progressives may be much closer to achieving the end of U.S. sovereignty than we care to believe.

The complicity of Hillary Clinton, President Obama, the entire Democratic Party, Left-leaning and Moderate Republicans, along with entire departments of the federal government in the deliberate mishandling of highly sensitive information has now shed a much brighter light on their true intentions.  The fact that these same people occupy positions on the Council on Foreign Relations and that they have consistently empowered the United Nations at the expense of U.S. sovereignty does nothing to dispel these fears.

Glenn Beck lost his highly rated hour on Fox News because he was coming dangerously close to exposing these movements.  In his parting words Beck told us to “trust no one.”  That would be good advice to follow as we move forward.