Hillary Clinton: Bringing Benghazi to Your Neighborhood

ELDER PATRIOT – In a head-up-your-ass imitation reminiscent of Neville Chamberlain’s denial of Adolph Hitler’s reign of terror, President Barack Hussein Obama and his would be successor Hillary Clinton, both, refuse to admit that we’re at war with radical Islamic terrorism.  Why would they when they were the architects of this war?

Fortunately, the voters are expressing a greater respect for our borders, language, culture, and lives than the senior Democrats believe are worth defending. 

According to the highly respected polling organization Rasmussen Reports at least 60% of voters believe we are at war with radical Islam even while their leaders can’t bring themselves to use the term.  Another 16% aren’t sure.  It’s unclear how what percentage of the 24% that side with Obama and Clinton are American Muslims, fifty plus percent of whom prefer Sharia law over our Constitution.

Overall, 92% of respondents consider radical Islamic terrorism a serious threat to our country.

When all of this is taken into consideration it almost forces one to conclude that Hillary Clinton’s internal polls indicate that she has no chance of beating any of the leading Republicans.  Why else would she have staked out such an unpopular position?  After all, politicians pander to voters and no one is better at pandering than Hillary.

“Let’s be clear: Islam is not our adversary. Muslims are peaceful and tolerant people and have nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism,” Mrs. Clinton said in a speech before the Council on Foreign Relations, yesterday.  Using the term radical jihadism instead of radical Islamic terrorism, Mrs. Clinton sounded more like an ambassador from Iran than the woman who wants the job of protecting the American homeland.

Hey, Mrs. Clinton, no one thinks all Muslims are terrorists but it’s undeniable that all the terrorists we’re concerned about are Muslims.  And, of all those Muslims already on our soil, over half still prefer Sharia law.  You know the Sharia that calls for stoning women to death for pre-marital sex, getting an abortion, or even showing a little too much skin.  I almost forgot, one of their favorite sports is throwing gays off the roof of tall buildings.  Mrs. Clinton must want to expand our multi-cultural experience since it’s been such a success up until now.

Mrs. Clinton played fast and loose with the lives of Ambassador Christopher Stevens and the rest of our Benghazi delegation.  They’re dead and their bodies were mutilated by…um…um…sorry Hillary, by Islamic terrorists. There, I said it. 

Now she wants to play fast and loose with the lives of your children by asking you to trust her.  Ask the family of Chris Stevens how that turned out.