ROMNEY WORDSWORTH – As reported by the National Enquirer, Hillary Clinton was personally arrested today, April 1, 2016, by F.B.I Director Comey when he showed up with a phalanx of agents to interview Hillary Clinton.  At the conclusion of that interview, Comey is reported to have remarked to his agents:  “Well, boys, I’d say we’ve got all we need.  Mrs. Clinton, you’re under arrest for espionage, influence pedaling, treason, perjury, and obstruction of justice.”

The Clinton campaign could not be immediately reached for comment.  There are unconfirmed reports that Bill Clinton has flown out of the country to an unknown destination.

ENQUIRER Hillary Jail

Today’s indictment and arrest has thrown the Democratic Party into an uproar.  Amid the utter chaos the Bernie Sanders campaign is claiming that hundreds of Super Delegates have now switched their allegiance and will vote to nominate Bernie Sanders at the Democrat Convention.  Joe Biden has scheduled a Rose Garden press conference for 3:00pm today.  Expectations are high that he may be about to enter the Democratic Primary race.

Donald Trump was quick to react to the news.  His twitter feed had this to say:

“I told you she (Clinton) is a criminal.  A lying bitch that shouldn’t be in the race.  I’m right again.”

Clinton supporters have been busy online, launching a Whitehouse.gov petition for President Obama to issue a full pardon to Mrs. Clinton, regardless of the evidence.  Thus far the petition has garnered 3 signatures.

Developing…  APRIL FOOLS!!!