ROMNEY WORDSWORTH – You may have heard that Hillary Clinton has lost another 2 in a row to Bernie Sanders.  You may have heard that Hillary Clinton got shellacked in West Virginia, where the coal mining community gave her the “Coal’d Shoulder” after her enormous gaffe where she crowed and cackled about putting coal miners out of work and the coal industry into bankruptcy.

But did you hear that Hillary Clinton has lost so much to Bernie Sanders (19 primaries and caucuses) that she now CANNOT cinch the nomination solely with delegates pledged from the votes cast by regular Democrat voters?  Did you hear that she now NEEDS the Super Delegates to get nominated?

Well, I’m here to tell you that this is indeed the situation for the Clinton Campaign.  And what the Party Oligarchs giveth, the Party Oligarchs can taketh away.  Hillary is completely at their mercy to secure her own nomination.  This puts her in an incredibly weak position, where she must beg and grovel, and be their puppet.

It is the exact opposite from where Donald J. Trump stands today.  He is now a shoe in to secure the nomination under his own power, bounce Paul Ryan from presiding over the Republican Convention, and dictate each plank of the Party Platform.


Not so with Hillary.  Her support within her own party is collapsing.  A full 20% of Democrats across the board when surveyed say they will vote for Trump instead.  Among Bernie Sanders supporters, those who will vote for Trump instead of Hillary, or stay at home on Election Day, varies from 30% to 50% depending on the survey.  Despite the Leftmedia drumbeat engineered to make you think otherwise, Hillary is hemorrhaging support among Black Voters.  Trump is poised to secure an historic percentage not seen since the days immediately following the Civil War.  And Hillary Clinton is absolute Kryptonite to Male Voters.

All of this has translated into recent polls showing her tied with Donald Trump in Florida and Pennsylvania, and with Trump having a slight lead on Clinton beyond the margin of error in Ohio.  While this may sound like the race is simply close, it is actually catastrophic for a Democrat candidate to be tied with a Republican this far out from the election.  Democrat traditional advantages in media coverage and Hollywood Celebrity endorsements usually translates into an enormous poll advantage at this point in a presidential race, a deficit that Republican candidates usually have to work hard to overcome.  To be tied at this stage actually puts Trump in a better starting position for any Republican candidate of recent memory, and is a disaster of the first order to the Clinton campaign.


Then there is the looming FBI criminal investigation into E-Mail-Gate, an investigation that could produce indictments at any time.  The Democrat Party is now positioned to be able to dump Hillary the minute Hillary’s criminal problems become too hot.  Having failed to secure enough delegates to secure the nomination outright, the DNC can decide to drop Hillary the minute she is perceived to be more of a liability than an asset.