Hillary Clinton Thinks You’ll Believe Anything – But This Beats The Cake!

ELDER PATRIOT – Hillary Clinton was interviewed by CNBC’s John Harwood, yesterday.  It was another carefully scripted session designed to leave viewers with the impression that Mrs. Clinton has nothing to worry about regarding her use of a private email server and subsequent violation of the Espionage Act while serving as Secretary of State.

Harwood served a soft ball to Mrs. Clinton:

“Let me ask about quickly about email. Your Republican opponents have begun to suggest you could be prosecuted or go to jail as a result of this issue. When the average person out there hears there’s an FBI investigation and some guy who worked for her has gotten immunity from prosecution, shouldn’t they be tempted to conclude maybe she could get prosecuted?

Mrs. Clinton laughed off Harwood’s inquiry:

“No, not at all. This is the same security review that has been going on since last spring. I’m happy that everybody now has been cooperating and giving information because I think that will finally end this and show that only appropriate steps were taken. I know the Republicans are engaging in a lot of wishful thinking, but this is not something anyone should be worried about.”

Harwood saw no need to follow up by asking her why the FBI is even involved if this is a routine security review by the State Department.  Or, why the FBI has assigned 150 special agents to the case at a weekly cost exceeding $500,000.  Is this what a routine investigation normally costs?

Harwood also passed on asking Mrs. Clinton why she tried scrubbing the server before handing it over?  Or, why she originally denied the server was used for anything more than personal emails.  Or, why she denied the server even existed before that.

After another innocuous question Clinton answerd that, “there wasn’t a single one of those that was marked classified either sent or received.”  Again Harwood gives her a pass on three counts. 

First, it’s a violation of the Espionage Act to use a private server for any official State Department emails a fact that Mrs. Clinton was informed of when she was first sworn in.

Second, as Secretary of State, it’s Mrs. Clinton’s job to recognize classified materials even if they’re not marked as such.

Third, and Harwood must be aware of this, it has been confirmed that well over 1500 emails marked as classified or higher were sent or received by Mrs. Clinton, many with aides who didn’t have the proper security clearances.

Judge for yourself:

That was the extent of the interview as it pertained to Clinton’s email scandal.  Remember, this is the same John Harwood who engaged Republicans so aggressively during one of the debates that they pulled out of the rest of the NBC debates they had contracted to do.

It’s hard to fathom how this woman could lie so easily even laughing about it.  She’s playing a very dangerous game because despite the fact that the Obama administration’s Justice Department may choose not to indictment, angering 150 FBI special agents who take their investigations very seriously is unwise.  If an indictment isn’t forthcoming, look for an October surprise by some of the disgusted agents.