Hillary Clinton: Todays Benedict Arnold

ELDER PATRIOT – Fox News’ Catherine Herridge has exposed what we have long suspected, Hillary Clinton’s email scandal is worse than previously reported, much worse, in fact.  There is literally nothing Mrs. Clinton hasn’t done in the name of amassing political power or for money.


Operating off of a wholly illegal personal server located in an unsecured location Mrs. Clinton’s emails contained intelligence referred to as special access programs or SAPs.  SAPs contain America’s most secret and most highly classified programs beyond even those that are classified as top secret.


Inspector General I. Charles McCullough III wrote in a letter that has been declassified: “To date, I have received two sworn declarations from one [intelligence community] element. These declarations cover several dozen emails containing classified information determined by the IC element to be at the confidential, secret, and top secret/sap levels.  According to the declarant, these documents contain information derived from classified IC element sources.”

Any attempt by Mrs. Clinton to suggest these SAPs might’ve been marked in such a way that she didn’t recognize their significance was immediately discounted by a senior official who has spent decades investigating SAP violations: “There is absolutely no way that one could not recognize SAP material.  It is the most sensitive of the sensitive.”

The SAP designation was created for the handling of information where “the vulnerability of, or threat to, specific information is exceptional.”

The fact that Mrs. Clinton continues campaigning for the presidency as evidence mounts of her treasonous behavior exposes her disconnect from the patriotism that the rest of us feel for our country and her thirst for power and money.