Matt Freed/Post-Gazette The balloons drop on Hillary Clinton, her husband Bill Clinton, Tim Kaine and his wife, Anne Holton at the end of Day 4 of the Democratic National Convention Thursday at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia.

ROMNEY WORDSWORTH – Hillary:  America is still in progress.  Democrats push collectivism:  “Working Together, Succeeding Together.”  Hillary bemoans the amount of money in politics while being the Big Money Candidate, and the virtual puppet of the big banks and Wall street.  Based on contributions to the Clinton Foundation, Hillary is also an Agent of China, and an Agent of Saudi Arabia.

Hillary is the candidate of the Elites, because the status quo system has resulted in the Elites, and only the Elites, getting filthy rich while the American Middle Class has shrunk, and the rolls of the poor have grown, as politicians like Hillary cashed in with foreign money by signing trade deals that have shipped American jobs overseas.

During her headline speech on Thursday at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, Clinton noticeably cleared her throat twenty-two times.  She seemed to have deliberately timed her throat clearing during manufactured applause directed by her audience managers. 

Remember that half of the arena last night was occupied by paid seat fillers put there by the DNC to replace Sanders Delegates who have broken with the Party and who staged a walkout of the convention.  That fact was never mentioned by the Media, who in fact knowingly collaborated with the DemocRats by singing the praises of the DemocRats sudden and newfound “unity” in their reviews of Hillary’s speech performance.

Last year’s GDP was revised downward to 1.2% “growth”.  I put growth in scare quotes because the way the government runs those numbers, it includes government spending, which is just cannibalized from the private economy.  The private sector of the economy, the sector that actually produces wealth, contracted in real terms, and has been contracting for most of Obama’s tenure.  Today, more businesses are closing than are new ones opening.  That can’t go on forever.  America today is in an economic death spiral.  The DemocRats put us on this death spiral, and Hillary Clinton will keep us on it.


A word about Chelsea Clinton’s speech.  What a contrast between Chelsea and Ivanka Trump.  Chelsea had none of the elegance, grace, and quiet assurance of Ivanka in her delivery, which was punctuated with a nervous, twittering sort of laugh.  Chelsea kept it superficial, and her words about her mother were carefully restricted to her early childhood.  Nonsense stuff about looking at clouds and what would they do if they met a dinosaur (hint, you already did, it’s called the DemocRat Bench).  Then Chelsea just had to start lying.  I guess DemocRats just can’t help themselves.  Chelsea said that Hillary was there for her at every soccer practice, every piano recital, every dance rehearsal, etc.  Really Chelsea?  I’m a parent too, and I can tell you that NO Parent ever goes to EVERY practice.  She got to every practice, even when she was flying around the world as Secretary of State?  Really?

What wasn’t there was what Chelsea learned from Hillary in managing the Family Business.  In the case of the Clintons, this means managing the slush fund known as the Clinton Foundation, a charitable organization that 84% of its income on “administrative overhead”.  Unlike Ivanka, who is an CEO in her own right with her fashion business, Chelsea was on stage purely due to her accident of birth.  She’s done nothing with her wealth except to go along with the money laundering operation that her parents set up for her.  Chelsea is a child of idle wealth, and it shows.

Mercifully, the DNC is over.  Let the General Election campaign begin.  I predict that the DemocRats will get ZERO bounce from their convention.  How else could it be otherwise, when the DemocRat Party has suffered the mass defection of Bernie Sanders supporters?

Sanders himself announced this week he is leaving the DemocRat Party and going back to being an Independent.  He looked like a broken man at the convention, and he has aged another decade.  He took a dive, supporting the Establishment that stole the election from him, and abandoned the Revolution that he started.  I hope the 30 pieces of silver you got from the DNC was worth the Judas path you chose, Bernie.